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82: TalkingPictures TV

Thu Sep 29

Thursday 00:00 - 01:00

Hazell and the Big Sleep. 1979. Stars: Nicholas Ball, Peter Bourke, Richard Durden. A job finding a thief in a London Hotel puts Hazell in harm's way,


Thursday 01:00 - 02:00

First Refusal. Stars: Edward Woodward, Russell Hunter & Patrick Mower. Callan suspects a leak in London when a third-party broker offers to sell the names of British agents to Eastern Europe

Restless Natives

Thursday 02:00 - 03:45

1985. Comedy. Directed by Michael Hoffman. Stars Vincent Friell, Nanette Newman & Bernard Hill. Two friends acting as modern highway men rob tourist coaches, unexpectedly becoming folk heroes. [S]

How To Undress in Public

Thursday 03:45 - 04:45

1965. Comedy. Directed by Compton Bennett. Stars Fenella Fielding, Reginald Beckwith & Kenneth Connor. A comedic take on the different methods of undressing through the ages. [S]

A Desperate Case in 1958

Thursday 04:45 - 05:00

1958. Directed by Kenneth Fairbairn. Starring Maurice Denham. A comical short film designed to tackle the increasing problem of stray luggage.

Target: The Corruptors

Thursday 05:00 - 06:00

Fortress of Despair. 1961. Stars Stephen McNally, Robert Harland & Harold J. Stone. Investigative reporters Paul Marino & Jack Flood investigate various cases of industrial corruption. (S1, E21)

Cause For Alarm!

Thursday 06:00 - 07:30

1951. Drama. Director: Tay Garnett. Stars Loretta Young, Barry Sullivan & Bruce Cowling. An unwell man accuses his wife and doctor of plotting to kill him, causing trouble after his sudden death. [S]

You Pay Your Money

Thursday 07:30 - 08:45

1957. Crime Drama. A rogue smuggler enters a murky world when his wife is kidnapped. Directed by Maclean Rogers. Starring Hugh McDermott, Jane Hylton and Honor Blackman. [S]

Stormy Crossing

Thursday 08:45 - 10:05

1958. Drama directed by CM Pennington-Richards. Stars John Ireland, Derek Bond & Joy Webster. A story of a fateful cross channel swim. Great shots of Dover in the 50s. [S]

Blind Date

Thursday 10:05 - 11:55

1959. Thriller. Directed by Joseph Losey. Starring Hardy Kruger, Stanley Baker & Micheline Presle. The mistress of a struggling artist is killed and Inspector Morgan investigates a complex case. [S]

The Pickwick Papers

Thursday 11:55 - 14:00

1952. Comedy. In this British classic, the Pickwick Club send a group to find interesting things around England. Stars James Hayter, Nigel Patrick, Kathleen Harrison & Harry Fowler. [S]


Thursday 14:00 - 15:00

The Rough Music. 1989. Stars Robert Powell, Richard Pasco, Caroline Lee-John. On the death of his friend, Hannay inherits a walking-stick, field glasses and the lighthouse on a Fenland marsh (S2, E05)

The Bold and the Brave

Thursday 15:00 - 16:45

1956. War Drama. Directed by Lewis R. Foster. Stars Wendell Corey, Mickey Rooney & Don Taylor. The story of three unique American soldiers coming together in the Italian campaign of 1944. [S]

A Window In London

Thursday 16:45 - 18:20

1940. Thriller. Directed by Herbert Mason. Stars Michael Redgrave, Sally Gray & Paul Lukas. On his way to work, a man looks through the window of his train where he sees a young woman's murder.

The Shillingbury Blowers

Thursday 18:20 - 20:00

1979. Drama. Directed by Val Guest and stars Robin Nedwell, Diane Keen and Trevor Howard. The arrival of a pop star and his wife, upsets the status quo of the Shillingbury village brass band. [S]

The Saint

Thursday 20:00 - 21:00

Marcia. 1963. Stars Roger Moore, Samantha Eggar & Kenneth MacKintosh. A film actress takes her own life after her face is disfigured. Simon becomes involved when her successor is threatened. [S]


Thursday 21:00 - 22:00

The Rain It Raineth. 1971. Stars Margaret Lockwood, Peter Blythe & Michael Coles. The son of Harriet's friend pleads guilty after being bullied into entering a warehouse and injuring a watchman.

The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes

Thursday 22:00 - 23:00

The Assyrian Rejuvenator. Stars: Donald Sinden, Michael Bates, Jo Rowbottom. Claims about the powers of an expensive elixir put private investigator, Romney Pringle, in pursuit of a ruthless con man.


Thursday 23:00 - 00:00

Series 2, Episode 5. 1985. Stars Ann Mitchell, Maureen O'Farrell, Fiona Hendley & Debby Bishop. Dolly goes on a date with Vic but must face up to the fact that she is not yet over Harry. (S2, E05)

Fri Sep 30
Enemy At The Door

Today 00:00 - 01:00

Jerry Bag. 1978. Stars: Alfred Burke, Bernard Horsfall & Emily Richard. On her father's death, Betty Ridge gets work as a cleaner for the Germans, meeting young soldier Erich. [S]

Dangerous Davies...

Today 01:00 - 03:10

1980. Comedy. Directed by Val Guest. Stars Bernard Cribbins, Bill Maynard, Joss Ackland & Maureen Lipman. Detective Constable Davies is accident prone but gets the chance to investigate a villain. [S]

Blood Relatives

Today 03:10 - 05:05

1978. Mystery. Directed by Claude Chabrol. Stars Donald Sutherland, Aude Landry & Donald Pleasence. A detective investigating a girl's murder encounters conflicting testimonies.

IWM: Flying with Prudence (1946)

Today 05:05 - 06:00

Early post-Second World War dramatised RAF instruction film detailing the importance of flight safety. Directed by Cecil Musk edited by John Krish with Patricia Cutts and Derek Elphinstone.

The Agitator

Today 06:00 - 08:00

1945. Drama. Director: John Harlow. Stars William Hartnell, Mary Morris & John Laurie. In this 'lost' William Hartnell film, a socialist inherits the British factory where he works as a union mechanic

The Bad Lord Byron

Today 08:00 - 09:40

1949. Historical Drama. Director: David MacDonald. Stars Dennis Price, Mai Zetterling & Joan Greenwood. Seriously ill Lord Byron dreams of judgement, as poet and soldier or seducer and libertine. [S]

The Astonished Heart

Today 09:40 - 11:25

1950. Drama. Directors Terence Fisher and Antony Darnborough. Stars Celia Johnson, Noel Coward & Margaret Leighton. A love triangle between a psychiatrist, his wife and an impulsive younger woman. [S]

Fallen Angel

Today 11:25 - 13:25

1945. Thriller. Director: Otto Preminger. Starring: Dana Andrews, Charles Bickford and Bruce Cabot. A slick con man arrives in town to make some money, but soon gets more than he bargained for. [S]

Traveller's Joy

Today 13:25 - 15:00

1951. Comedy. Director by Ralph Thomas. Stars Googie Withers, Dora Bryan & John McCallum. A divorced couple find themselves stuck and penniless, in a Swedish hotel. [S]

Saps At Sea

Today 15:00 - 16:10

1940. Comedy. Director: Gordon Douglas. Stars Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, James Finlayson, Richard Cramer & Ben Turpin. Oliver suffers a nervous breakdown as a result of working in a horn factory. [S]

The Beachcomber

Today 16:10 - 17:50

1954. Comedy-drama. Director Muriel Box and starring Glynis Johns, Robert Newton and Donald Sinden. Drunken womaniser, Ted, is sent to a tropical island by his family where he meets new friends. [S]

Look At Life Donkey Work

Today 17:50 - 18:00

1960. A fascinating look at donkeys and their ever increasing popularity.

One Million Years BC

Today 18:00 - 20:00

1966. Action. Directed by Don Chaffey and stars Raquel Welch, John Richardson and Percy Herbert. Prehistoric man, Tumak, fights for the affections of Loana. [S]

The Outer Limits

Today 20:00 - 21:00

The Invisible Enemy. 1964. Stars Adam West, Rudy Solari & Joe Maross. Two astronauts travel to Mars, but never return. A second expedition is sent to find out why. But will this crew survive? [S]

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Today 21:00 - 21:05

Caroline opens the doors for another thrilling night in The Cellar Club. The first film of the night is The Mad Magician, a 1954 horror directed by John Brahm and starring the great Vincent Price. [S]

The Mad Magician

Today 21:05 - 22:35

1954. Horror. Directed by John Brahm. Stars Vincent Price, Mary Murphy & Eva Gabor. A master magician becomes deranged after his best kept magic secrets and his wife are stolen by his rival. [S]

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Today 22:35 - 22:40

House of Gorgon is the next horror to follow. Caroline Munro introduces the 2019 film in which she features alongside Martine Beswick, Veronica Carlson and Christopher Neame. [S]

House of the Gorgon

Today 22:40 - 00:15

2019. Horror. Directed by Josh Kennedy. Stars Caroline Munro, Martine Beswick & Veronica Carlson. A young couple are terrorised after an ancient horror is unleashed upon them. [S]

Sat Oct 01
Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Tomorrow 00:15 - 00:20

Caroline introduces the final film of the evening, House of Mortal Sin. This 1976 British horror starring Anthony Sharp, Susan Penhaligon and Stephanie Beacham focuses on a crazed priest. [S]

House of Mortal Sin

Tomorrow 00:20 - 02:25

1976. Horror. Directed by Pete Walker. Stars Anthony Sharp, Susan Penhaligon & Stephanie Beacham. A priest becomes obsessed with a girl that confesses to him and will stop at nothing to get her. [S]

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Tomorrow 02:25 - 02:30

Caroline closes the doors of The Cellar Club once again, but not before giving a sneak peek at next week's films before sending you off into the night. [S]

Fade In

Tomorrow 02:30 - 04:25

1973. Western. Directed by Jud Taylor. Stars Burt Reynolds, Barbara Loden & Patricia Casey. A Hollywood film editor falls for a local cowboy who is hired to work on her film.

South of Panama

Tomorrow 04:25 - 05:45

1941. Director: Jean Yarbrough. Stars Roger Pryor, Virginia Vale, Lionel Royce. Jan, sister of government chemist Paul Martin, realises she is being followed by enemy agents after her brother. [S]

Look At Life Draw The Fires

Tomorrow 05:45 - 06:00

1963. A look at the railway modernisation schemes taking place and the controversy they have caused.

Marked Men

Tomorrow 06:00 - 07:10

1940. Crime. Director: Sam Newfield. Stars Warren Hull, Isabel Jewell & Paul Bryar. A young medical-school graduate escapes prison and finds a small haven in Arizona until gangsters show up. [S]

The Sword of Monte Cristo

Tomorrow 07:10 - 08:45

1951. Adventure. Stars George Montgomery, Rita Corday & Berry Kroeger. Set in 19th Century France, The country's conniving chief minister will stop at nothing to gain possession of the sword. [S]

Look At Life City Of Air

Tomorrow 08:45 - 09:00

1964. A look at the various aspects of London Airport with a focus on BOAC and BEA airlines.

William Tell

Tomorrow 09:00 - 09:30

The Cuckoo. 1958. Stars: Conrad Phillips, Willoughby Goddard & Jennifer Jayne. Gessler's problem is compounded further when he receives a message demanding taxes Gessler hasn't collected. [S]

Flash Gordon Conquers...

Tomorrow 09:30 - 09:50

... the Universe. Doom Of The Dictator. 1940. Stars: Buster Crabbe & Carol Hughes. Flash and his comrades wage all out war against Ming to rescue Dale and Professor Zarkoff. [S]

The Great Pony Raid

Tomorrow 09:50 - 11:00

1968. Family. Director: Frederic Goode. Starring: Christian Comber, Tina Paget Brown, Andrew Purcell & Shelley Crowhurst. Children try to help capture men planning to steal Dartmoor ponies. [S]

Sir Francis Drake

Tomorrow 11:00 - 11:30

Doctor Dee. 1961. Stars Terence Morgan, Jean Kent, Patrick McLoughlin. Doctor Dee entertains Elizabeth and her court with some magic tricks. [S]

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Tomorrow 11:30 - 12:00

The Deserted Castle. 1956. Stars Richard Greene, Victor Woolf & Archie Duncan. The Queen Mother has a mission for Robin but both Marion and Robin surprised to see her at a deserted castle. [S]

The Farmer's Wife (1941)

Tomorrow 12:00 - 13:40

1941. Drama. Directed by Leslie Arliss & Norman Lee. Stars Basil Sydney, Wilfrid Lawson, Nora Swinburne. A widowed farmer decides to remarry, but everyone on his list rejects him. [S]

The Coach Travellers in 1965

Tomorrow 13:40 - 14:00

1965. Directed by Brigit Barry. A short promotional film about travel by coach, with a cross section of passengers who explain why they prefer coaches to other methods of travel.

Wings of Danger

Tomorrow 14:00 - 15:15

1952. Crime. Directed by Terence Fisher. Stars Zachary Scott, Robert Beatty & Naomi Chance. A pilot becomes caught in a web of smuggling and blackmail when his girlfriend's brother goes missing. [S]

British Rails Are Long and Fast

Tomorrow 15:15 - 15:45

1969. Directed by Bob Privett. Intended as a sales tool for manufacturers, this short film details the production, installation and maintenance for long welded track in use on British Railways.

The One That Got Away

Tomorrow 15:45 - 18:00

1957. Drama. Director Roy Ward Baker. Stars Hardy Kruger, Colin Gordon & Michael Goodliffe. A German flight officer is shot down over England and makes numerous attempts to escape to fight again. [S]

The Iron Maiden

Tomorrow 18:00 - 20:00

1962. Comedy. Directed by Gerald Thomas. Starring Michael Craig & Joan Sims. An aircraft designer with a passion for traction engines, designs a new supersonic jet plane to sell to America. [S]


Tomorrow 20:00 - 21:05

The Amateurs. 1962. Stars Rupert Davies, Ewen Solon & Helen Shingler. Maigret holds the suspicion that a recently released criminal is responsible for a number of daring holdups in Paris. [S]


Tomorrow 21:05 - 23:20

1975. Crime. Director: Douglas Hickox. Stars John Wayne, Richard Attenborough & Judy Geeson. Jim Brannigan is sent to London to escort a mobster to the US, but a group of hitmen disrupt the plan. [S]


Tomorrow 23:20 - 01:30

1978. Thriller. Directed by Richard Attenborough and starring Anthony Hopkins. A magician's assistant falls prey to the power of his own act. [S]

Sun Oct 02

Sunday 01:30 - 04:15

1977. Drama. Directed by Sidney Lumet. Stars Richard Burton, Peter Firth & Colin Blakeley. A psychiatrist attempts to uncover a troubled stable boy's disturbing obsession with horses. [S]

Down Among The Z Men

Sunday 04:15 - 05:35

1952. Comedy directed by Maclean Rogers and starring Michael Bentine, Harry Secombe, Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers. Prof. Pureheart loses a secret formula in the grocery shop. [S]

Away for the Day in 1952

Sunday 05:35 - 06:00

1952. Directed by John Krish. A travelogue about day trips via coach. Various parties are seen visiting Dartmoor, the Roman theatre at Verulamium, the Tower of London, Brighton and Tintern Abbey.

Mistaken Identity

Sunday 06:00 - 07:00

1942. Comedy. Director: Walter Tennyson. Stars Richard Goolden, Gilliam Maude & Julian Vedey. Comedy of a booking clerk who is dismissed after a mistake and confused with a millionaire in London. [S]

Theatre Royal

Sunday 07:00 - 08:15

1943. Comedy. Director: John Baxter. Stars Bud Flanagan, Chesney Allen, Peggy Dexter & Lydia Sherwood. A theatre manager becomes broke and wishes to close. A rare broadcast of a 'lost' film. [S]

The Giant Gila Monster

Sunday 08:15 - 09:45

1959. Sci-Fi. Directed by Ray Kellogg. Starring Don Sullivan, Fred Graham & Lisa Simone. A giant lizard terrorises a small town. Can the police and a hot rod gang stop the monster? [S]

Alive & Kicking

Sunday 09:45 - 11:45

1958. Comedy. Directed by Cyril Frankel. Stars Sybil Thorndike, Kathleen Harrison & Estelle Winwood. Three elderly friends run away from their nursing home, looking for greener pastures. [S]

Song of London

Sunday 11:45 - 12:15

1963. Short film. Directed by John Durst. Starring David De Keyser, Shirley Abicair, Kim Cordell & Bob Roberts. A nostalgic look back at 60s London with Tommy Trinder and a host of stars.

Doctor in Trouble

Sunday 12:15 - 14:00

1970. Comedy. Directed by Ralph Thomas. Stars Leslie Phillips, Harry Secombe & Angela Scoular. A British doctor stows away on a cruise liner in pursuit of the woman he plans to propose to. [S]


Sunday 14:00 - 16:40

1966. Drama. Directed by Basil Dearden. Stars Charlton Heston, Laurence Olivier & Richard Johnson. British General Charles Gordon defends Khartoum against an army led by a religious fanatic. [S]

A Day Of One's Own 1956

Sunday 16:40 - 17:00

1956. Directed by Kenneth Fairbairn. A short film about various housewives around the country taking a day off from their traditional domestic chores.

The Footage Detectives

Sunday 17:00 - 18:00

This week it's childhood memories & toys, then Daleks with a special guest and exclusive unseen footage of Terry Nation, we look at the wonder of your first TV and an unknown reel for Steam fans. [S]

The Saint

Sunday 18:00 - 19:00

The Noble Sportsman. 1964. Stars Roger Moore, Sylvia Syms & Anthony Quayle. The daughter of an arrogant aristocrat asks for Simon's help after her father becomes a target and is almost killed. [S]

Sleeping Car To Trieste

Sunday 19:00 - 20:50

1948. Drama. Director: John Paddy Carstairs. Stars Jean Kent, Bonar Colleano, Albert Lieven & David Tomlinson. Agents break into an embassy in Paris to steal a diary filled with political secrets. [S]

Look At Life But Not On Sunday

Sunday 20:50 - 21:00

1960. A look at a typical Sunday in England and the various changes that are taking place.

The Onedin Line

Sunday 21:00 - 22:00

Catch as Can. 1971. Stars Peter Gilmore, Anne Stallybrass & Jessica Benton. James becomes involved in a battle with his former employer. Meanwhile, Anne discovers Elizabeth's secret. [S]

Dance With a Stranger

Sunday 22:00 - 23:55

1985. Crime Drama. Director Mike Newell. Stars Miranda Richardson, Rupert Everett & Ian Holm. A complicated relationship story based on the life of Ruth Ellis, the last woman hanged in Britain. [S]

The Heritage Chart Show with Mike Read

Sunday 23:55 - 01:00

A TOTP style TV Show for Heritage Artists based on the Heritage Chart which is voted on in over 80 countries. Songs you love from popular artists, live and on video with the odd interview.

Mon Oct 03

Monday 01:00 - 03:00

1985. Comedy. Director Dick Clement. Stars Michael Caine, Leonard Rossiter & Billy Connolly. A British diplomat's idyllic home is thrown into chaos when a source of natural mineral water is found. [S]

Hollow Triumph

Monday 03:00 - 04:40

1948. Drama. Directed by Steve Sekely. Stars Paul Henreid, Joan Bennett, Leslie Brooks & Eduard Franz. Pursued by the gambler he robbed, John Muller takes on a new identity, with ironic results. [S]

The Blue Parrot

Monday 04:40 - 06:00

1954. Crime Drama starring Dermot Walsh, Jacqueline Hill, Ferdy Mayne and John Le Mesurier. A Soho nightclub is the focus for an undercover investigation after the murder of a small time crook. [S]

Get Some In!

Monday 06:00 - 06:30

Field Exercise. 1976. Stars: Tony Selby, David Janson, Gerard Ryder. C Flight are dropped 15 miles from home, but with no idea where and must find their way home. (S2, E04)

Christopher Columbus

Monday 06:30 - 08:30

1949. Drama. Director: David MacDonald. Starring: Fredric March, Florence Eldridge, Francis L. Sullivan and Kathleen Ryan. Explorer Columbus intends to travel to the East by sailing west. [S]

Force on Thunder Mountain

Monday 08:30 - 10:25

1978. Sci-Fi. A hiking trip into the mountains brings father and son into contact with the Force. [S]

Impulse (1955)

Monday 10:25 - 12:05

1955. Drama. Directed by Charles De la Tour & Cy Endfield. Stars Arthur Kennedy, Constance Smith & Joy Shelton. A Night club singer tricks an estate agent into thinking he killed a jewel thief. [S]

Look At Life Behind The Ton-up Boy

Monday 12:05 - 12:20

1964. A look at the almost two million motorcyclists in Britain, with a focus on the motorcyclists who are keen to travel at 100 miles per hour and how efforts are being made to stop the ton-up.

A Touch Of The Sun

Monday 12:20 - 14:00

1956. Comedy. In London's swanky hotel the Royal Connaught, if you need anything ask for Mr. Darling (Frankie Howerd) the ' Mr. Fix-it'. Stars: Ruby Murray, Alfie Bass & Dennis Price. [S]


Monday 14:00 - 14:30

Pastures New. 1977. Written by Betty Paul. Stars Ray Smith, David Sibley, Jenny Twigge, Ian Redford, Cheryl Hall, Pat Ashton. It seems many of the residents are moving out of Mafeking Terrace.


Monday 14:30 - 15:00

Sarah. Stars: Susie Blake, Maureen Lipman, Sam Dastor. New Year's Eve can be very lonely for people in the rooms, so Sarah opts to throw a party.

Next To No Time

Monday 15:00 - 17:00

1958. Comedy. Stars Kenneth More, Betsy Drake, Irene Handl & Sid James. Whilst on the Queen Elizabeth to New York, David must close a deal before the boat docks. [S]

The Footage Detectives

Monday 17:00 - 18:00

Brighton Rocks! There's glimpses of Brighton from the past with familiar faces, a lost reel from Merton Park studios, a look at behind the scenes of a 40s cinema and guess who's a Water rat? [S]

Mr Denning Drives North

Monday 18:00 - 19:50

1951. Crime. Director: Anthony Kimmins. Stars John Mills, Phyllis Calvert & Eileen Moore. A British aircraft engineer accidentally kills his daughter's boyfriend and then tries to it cover up... [S]

Look At Life Draw The Fires

Monday 19:50 - 20:00

1963. A look at the railway modernisation schemes taking place and the controversy they have caused.

The Main Chance

Monday 20:00 - 21:00

What about Justice. 1969. Starring: John Stride, Kate O'Mara & Anna Palk. A case involving the son of a Leeds industrialist brings David Main into partnership with solicitor friend, Henry Castleton.

Afraid Of The Dark

Monday 21:00 - 22:45

1991. Horror Drama. Directed by Mark Peploe. Stars James Fox, Fanny Ardant & Paul McGann. A young boy becomes obsessed with blindness and violence after witnessing a serial killer at work. [S]

Screenagers! - Glimpses

Monday 22:45 - 23:00

Early 1960s documentary into the spending habit of 'screenagers' and the cinema goers of the 60s. Brilliant footage of 50s and 60s cinemas and the 'screenagers' themselves.

Secret Army

Monday 23:00 - 00:05

Child's Play. 1977. Stars Bernard Hepton, Jan Francis & Michael Culver. Major Brandt obtains an article from an escapee and uses it to team up with a French gendarme to find an escape route. [S]

Tue Oct 04
Wish You Were Here

Tuesday 00:05 - 01:50

1987. Drama. Directed by David Leland. Stars Emily Lloyd, Jesse Birdsall & Tom Bell. Coming of age story about a rebellious young girl growing up in post-war England in a small seaside town. [S]

Blood Orange

Tuesday 01:50 - 03:20

1953. Crime drama. Directed by Terence Fisher. Stars Tom Conway, Mila Parély & Naomi Chance. A private eye investigating a jewel theft becomes involved in a murder mystery. [S]

Dementia 13

Tuesday 03:20 - 04:50

1963. Horror. Director: Francis Ford Coppola. Stars William Campbell, Patrick Magee & Luana Anders. After murdering her husband, Louise tells the family he left on urgent business. [S]

The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre

Tuesday 04:50 - 06:00

The Fourth Square. 1961. Directed by Allan Davis. Stars Conrad Phillips, Natasha Parry & Delphi Lawrence. The Police investigate the theft of emerald jewellery which had led to murder.

The Mind of Mr. J. G. Reeder

Tuesday 06:00 - 07:00

1971. The Willing Victim. Stars Hugh Burden, Willoughby Goddard, Gillian Lewis. The mild-mannered detective determines to find out who wants him dead after a bomb arrives in his office.

The Balloon Goes Up

Tuesday 07:00 - 08:10

1942. Musical. Comedy duo Ethel Revnell and Gracie West star in this comedy musical. The double act pose as WAAFs on a balloon site to help the authorities capture a group of fifth columnists. [S]

Road To Happiness

Tuesday 08:10 - 09:30

1941. Musical Drama. Director Phil Rosen. Starring John Boles & Mona Barrie. A heart-warming story of a singer down on his luck, who turns to radio acting as a means of supporting his young son. [S]

Interpol Calling

Tuesday 09:30 - 10:00

The Thirteen Innocents. 1959. Stars Charles Korvin, Edwin Richfield & Patrick Troughton. Drug trafficking in Vienna is traced by Inspector Duval, his source, Istanbul homing pigeons.

House of Strangers

Tuesday 10:00 - 12:05

1949. Thriller. Director Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Stars Edward G. Robinson, Susan Hayward & Richard Conte. A banker scarred by betrayal, vows revenge against his family when released from prison. [S]

Capital Visit a School Journey

Tuesday 12:05 - 12:30

in 1955. Director: Syd Sharples. A party of schoolchildren spend three days in London and visit a variety of sights, including parks, museums, the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral and lots more!

The Spider and the Fly

Tuesday 12:30 - 14:30

1949. Crime. Directed by Robert Hamer. Stars Eric Portman, Nadia Gray & George Cole. An unusual love triangle develops between two criminals and a policeman on the eve of the first World War.

Sherlock Holmes

Tuesday 14:30 - 15:00

The Case of the Shoeless Engineer. 1954. Starring: Ronald Howard, Howard Marion-Crawford & Archie Duncan. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson encounter an injured man carrying an unconscious woman. [S]

House on Telegraph Hill

Tuesday 15:00 - 16:50

1951 Thriller. Directed by Robert Wise. Stars Richard Basehart, Valentina Cortese & Fay Baker. A Nazi camp survivor takes the identity of a fellow victim & discovers an inheritance at stake.

13 East Street

Tuesday 16:50 - 18:00

1952. Drama. Directed by Robert Baker. Starring Patrick Holt, Dora Bryan & Michael Balfour. A detective poses as an escaped convict to catch a gang of warehouse robbers. [S]

Scotland Yard

Tuesday 18:00 - 18:35

1955. The Stateless Man. Director: Paul Gherzo. Stars Frank Leighton, Robin Wentworth, Theodore Wilhelm, Tom Clegg, May Hallett & Anna Doran. A crime in London's dockland baffles the police. (S1, E12)

Final Appointment

Tuesday 18:35 - 20:00

1954. Crime. Director Terence Fisher and starring John Bentley. Reporters investigate threats against a retired army officer and discover links to a series of murders that occurred during the war. [S]


Tuesday 20:00 - 21:05

Love From Felicie. 1962. Stars Rupert Davies, Lana Morris & Anthony Morton. The prime suspect in a village murder case is the victim's maid; Maigret gains a liking for her, but is she guilty? [S]

Van der Valk

Tuesday 21:05 - 23:15

Still Waters. Stars Barry Foster, Meg Davies & Ronald Hines. A new sea barrier causes a row between senior Dutch politicians and the radical Green Party.

Public Eye

Tuesday 23:15 - 00:15

1973. Mystery Drama. It's a Woman's Privilege. Stars Alfred Burke, Pauline Delaney & Ray Smith. A pleasant visit from Marker's former landlady takes a turn when she tells Marker her problem.

Wed Oct 05
Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Wednesday 00:15 - 00:20

Caroline Munro welcomes you Cellar Dwellers to another evening in The Cellar Club. Comedy of Terrors begins the night, which sees Cellar Club favourite Vincent Price in the lead. [S]

The Comedy of Terrors

Wednesday 00:20 - 02:05

1964. Comedy Horror. Director: Jacques Tourneur. Stars Vincent Price, Peter Lorre & Boris Karloff. An undertaker struggling to keep his business afloat blackmails his friend into making customers. [S]

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Wednesday 02:05 - 02:10

The next horror of the evening is The Monster Club. The 1980 British anthology film starring Vincent Price and John Carradine, and the last film to be directed by Roy Ward Baker. [S]

The Monster Club

Wednesday 02:10 - 04:05

1980. Horror. Directed by Roy Ward Baker. Stars Vincent Price, John Carradine & Anthony Steel. A writer of horror stories is invited to a Monster Club, where he is told three very different tales. [S]


Wednesday 04:05 - 05:40

1956. Adventure. Director: Kurt Neumann. Stars Scott Brady, Rita Gam & Neville Brand. An artist is torn between his love for two women and is thrown into the middle of a Mohawk-Iroquois-American. [S]

Driving The Train 1959

Wednesday 05:40 - 06:00

1959. A fascinating instructional film on driving diesel trains.

We'll Smile Again

Wednesday 06:00 - 07:50

1942. Musical. Directed by John Baxter. Stars Bud Flanagan, Chesney Allen & Meinhart Maur. Nazi spies infiltrate a film studio for sending coded messages but foiled by two of the studio staff.

Vacant Possession

Wednesday 07:50 - 08:50

1966. Directed by Peter Moffat and starring Brian Murphy, Daphne Heard and Richard Gale. An estate agent arranges to meet a couple for a viewing at a flat. Formerly 'lost' short. [S]

Rosemary Squires in the 1950s

Wednesday 08:50 - 09:00

See Rosemary Squires, the English jazz, big band, cabaret, concert singer and recording artist make her American Debut on The Tonight Show in the 1960's. Rare unseen footage.

Zane Grey: Black is For Grief

Wednesday 09:00 - 09:30

1957. Western. Directed by Lewis Allen. Stars Tom Tully, Tom Tryon & Mala Powers. A Civil War veteran returns home after a long absence to find his wife has been murdered. [S]

Let's Make Love

Wednesday 09:30 - 11:50

1960. Musical. Director: George Cukor. Stars Marilyn Monroe, Yves Montand & Tony Randall. A billionaire impersonates himself in a musical ridiculing him to get closer to the beautiful star. [S]

The Fishmonger in 1947 - Glimpses

Wednesday 11:50 - 12:00

Filmed in 1947. A delightful educational short film set in Barkingside High Street, Ilford, Essex, about the Fishmonger and his working day including a trip to Billingsgate.

Robbery Under Arms

Wednesday 12:00 - 14:00

1957. Action. Directed by Jack Lee. Stars Peter Finch, Ronald Lewis and Maureen Swanson. Two brothers join their father in Captain Starlight's (Finch) bushranger gang in 19th century Australia. [S]

Upstairs Downstairs

Wednesday 14:00 - 15:00

The Swedish Tiger. 1971. Stars Gordon Jackson, David Langton & Jean Marsh. When valuable household objects go missing the finger points at Sarah.

Last Days of Dolwyn

Wednesday 15:00 - 16:55

1949. Drama. Directed by Emlyn Williams. Stars Edith Evans, Richard Burton & Anthony James. In North Wales, a woman vows to save her home after plans are put forward to flood the beloved village. [S]


Wednesday 16:55 - 18:40

1944. Mystery. Directed by Otto Preminger. Stars Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews & Clifton Webb. A police detective becomes mesmerised by the portrait of the woman whose murder he is investigating. [S]

Look At Life Holiday Camps

Wednesday 18:40 - 18:50

1960. A look at the social phenomenon of holiday camps, how they have spread far beyond the British Isles, with a glimpse at the range of amenities on offer.

The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre

Wednesday 18:50 - 20:00

Strangler's Web. 1965. Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey. Stars John Stratton, Pauline Munro & Griffith Jones. What appears to be a cut-and-dried case of murder of a showgirl becomes very complicated.

The Onedin Line

Wednesday 20:00 - 21:00

Catch as Can. 1971. Stars Peter Gilmore, Anne Stallybrass & Jessica Benton. James becomes involved in a battle with his former employer. Meanwhile, Anne discovers Elizabeth's secret. [S]

Music Box

Wednesday 21:00 - 23:30

1989. Drama. Director: Costa-Gavras. Stars Jessica Lange, Armin Mueller-Stahl & Frederic Forrest. A lawyer defends her father accused of war crimes but begins to have doubts the more she uncovers. [S]

One Step Beyond

Wednesday 23:30 - 00:00

The Bride Possessed. 1959. Stars Virginia Leith, Skip Homeier & Harry Townes. Matt Conroy is startled when on their honeymoon his wife Sally suddenly is a determined woman, who denies knowing him. [S]

Thu Oct 06

Thursday 00:00 - 01:00

Hazell and the Suffolk Ghost. 1979. Stars: Nicholas Ball, Peter Bourke, Meg Davies. A quiet time by the Suffolk Coast turns out to be anything but for Hazel


Thursday 01:00 - 02:00

Rules of the Game. Stars: Edward Woodward, Russell Hunter & Patrick Mower. Callan, acting as Hunter is drawn into a game of tit-for-tat with the Russians.

The Blind Goddess

Thursday 02:00 - 03:45

1948. Drama. Director: Harold French. Starring: Eric Portman, Anne Crawford and Hugh Williams. Derek Waterhouse visits the Prime Minister to accuse Brasted of stealing money from the postwar fund. [S]

Passenger to London

Thursday 03:45 - 05:00

1937. Thriller. Director: Lawrence Huntingdon. Stars John Warwick, Jenny Laird & Paul Neville. A great B British film. An agent, carrying important papers, is knifed to death on a passenger train. [S]

Target: The Corruptors

Thursday 05:00 - 06:00

The Wrecker. 1961. Stars Stephen McNally, Robert Harland & Harold J. Stone. Investigative reporters Paul Marino & Jack Flood investigate various cases of industrial corruption. (S1, E22)

Nell Gwyn

Thursday 06:00 - 07:25

1934. Period drama directed by Herbert Wilcox. Nell (Anna Neagle) captivates King Charles (Cedric Hardwicke) and fights off the royal insiders. [S]

The Broken Horseshoe

Thursday 07:25 - 09:00

1953. Crime drama. A hit and run victim is operated on by Dr. Fenton (Robert Beatty), the victim is later murdered and the doctor is involved. Starring Elizabeth Sellars. [S]

Woman On The Run

Thursday 09:00 - 10:35

1950. Drama. Directed by Norman Foster. Stars Ann Sheridan, Dennis O'Keefe & Robert Keith. An eyewitness to a murder is pursued by his wife, the police and the killer around San Francisco. [S]

Ask A Policeman

Thursday 10:35 - 12:10

1939. Comedy. Director: Marcel Varnel. Stars: Will Hay, Graham Moffatt and Moore Marriott. Sergeant Samuel Dudfoot and his two constables stage a fabricated crimewave to save their jobs. [S]

Pit of Darkness

Thursday 12:10 - 13:50

1961. Crime drama. A partner of a safe making firm is found unconscious on a bomb site. A large safe his company installed has been robbed. Starring William Franklyn and Nigel Green. [S]

Look At Life Money In The Slot

Thursday 13:50 - 14:00

1960. A look at the decline of street salesmen and the growing industry of the vending machine.


Thursday 14:00 - 15:00

The Confidence Man. 1989. Stars Robert Powell, Diane Bull & Ron Pember. An East End gang demand protection money for Sal Alford's music-hall, she turns to Hannay for help (S2, E06)

Home at Seven

Thursday 15:00 - 16:40

1952. Drama. Director: Ralph Richardson. Stars Ralph Richardson, Jack Hawkins & Margaret Leighton. David Preston, a bank official goes missing for 24 hours and has no memory of the lost time. [S]

Dangerous Cargo

Thursday 16:40 - 18:00

1954. Drama directed by John Harlow. Tim (Jack Watling) is tricked by a wartime friend (Terence Alexander) into revealing details of a gold shipment. [S]

Hell and High Water

Thursday 18:00 - 20:00

1954. Action. Director: Samuel Fuller. Starring: Richard Widmark, Bella Darvi & Victor Francen. A scientific team refits a Japanese submarine to find a secret Chinese atomic island base. [S]

The Saint

Thursday 20:00 - 21:00

The Work of Art. 1963. Stars Roger Moore, Yolande Turner & Alex Scott. Simon takes a trip to Paris to visit a girl friend but soon becomes involved in the murder of an undercover agent. [S]


Thursday 21:00 - 22:00

Within a Year and a Day. 1971. Stars Margaret Lockwood, Peter Blythe & Victor Brooks. Harriet must defend the youth from 'The Rain It Raineth', as a death resulted from the previous crime.

The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes

Thursday 22:00 - 23:00

The Ripening Rubies. Stars: Robert Lang, Moira Redmond, Lally Bowers. An ex-con makes a rookie mistake-trying to sell a stolen ruby necklace back to the craftsman who made it.


Thursday 23:00 - 00:00

Series 2, Episode 6. 1985. Stars Ann Mitchell, Maureen O'Farrell, Fiona Hendley & Debby Bishop. Harry and his gang carry out the heist. (S2, E06)

Fri Oct 07
Enemy At The Door

Friday 00:00 - 01:00

Treason. 1978. Stars: Alfred Burke, Bernard Horsfall, Joss Ackland & Emily Richard. General Von Wittke comes to Guernsey, ostensibly to write a report on the Occupation. [S]

The Winter Guest

Friday 01:00 - 03:10

1997. Drama. Directed by Alan Rickman. Stars Phyllida Law, Emma Thompson & Sheila Reid. In a small Scottish village, a recent widow gets an unexpected visit from her mother. [S]

The Evictors

Friday 03:10 - 04:55

1979. Horror. Directed by Charles B. Pierce. Stars Vic Morrow, Michael Parks & Jessica Harper. In a small town in Louisiana, a young couple move into an eerie home, unaware of its violent past. [S]

Wings of Mystery

Friday 04:55 - 06:00

1963. Adventure. Directed by Gilbert Gunn. Stars Judy Geeson, Hennie Scott, Francesca Bertorelli & Arnold Ridley. Ted is suspected of stealing a secret alloy from a Sheffield steel works. [S]

Port of Escape

Friday 06:00 - 07:35

1956. Crime drama directed by Anthony Young. Two men on the run hide out in a Thames boat and take the woman owner hostage. Starring Bill Kerr, Googie Withers and Joan Hickson. [S]

The Monkey's Paw

Friday 07:35 - 08:50

1948. Horror. A curio dealer sells a monkey's paw that can grant the possessor three wishes but warns that disaster will follow. Starring Michael Martin-Harvey, Sydney Tafler & Alfie Bass. [S]

House of Bamboo

Friday 08:50 - 10:55

1955. Thriller. Director: Samuel Fuller. Stars Robert Ryan, Robert Stack & Cameron Mitchell. Eddie Kenner is on an army assignment to investigate a murderous clique led by ex-soldier Sandy Dawson. [S]

Shepherd On The Rock

Friday 10:55 - 12:55

1993. Drama. Directed by Bob Keen. Starring Bernard Hill, John Bowles and Betsy Brantley. A sheep farmer and his family fight for their land against the persistent efforts of a land developer. [S]

Moss Rose

Friday 12:55 - 14:35

1947. Mystery Thriller. Directed by Gregory Ratoff. Stars Peggy Cummins, Victor Mature & Ethel Barrymore. A woman trying to investigate her friend's murder may just turn out be the next victim. [S]

Hide and Seek

Friday 14:35 - 16:25

1963. Thriller. Director Endfield. Stars Ian Carmichael, Curd Jürgens & Janet Munro. An astrophysicist in London finds it frustratingly difficult to return a wallet to an Easter European friend. [S]


Friday 16:25 - 17:55

1947. Crime. Directed by Anthony Mann. Stars John Ireland, Sheila Ryan & Hugh Beaumont. A beautician and her boyfriend frame an innocent man after their attempt at robbery goes wrong. [S]

Demetrius and The Gladiators

Friday 17:55 - 20:00

1954. Drama. Director: Delmer Daves. Stars Victor Mature, Susan Hayward & Anne Bancroft. Christian slave Demetrius is sent to fight in the gladiatorial arena. Emperor Caligula seeks Jesus' robe. [S]

The Outer Limits

Friday 20:00 - 21:00

Wolf 359. 1964. Stars Patrick O'Neal, Sara Shane & Peter Haskell. A scientist clones the environment of a distant planet and its accelerated rate of evolution hints at a dark future for mankind. [S]

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Friday 21:00 - 21:05

Another delightful evening awaits as Caroline Munro opens the doors to The Cellar Club. Caroline begins the night with the 1974 sci-fi horror The Mutations, also known as The Freakmaker. [S]

The Mutations

Friday 21:05 - 22:55

1974. Horror. Directed by Jack Cardiff. Stars Donald Pleasence, Tom Baker & Julie Ege. A mad scientist abducts college students to carry out his experiment of crossbreeding humans with plants. [S]

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Friday 22:55 - 23:00

Next up, Caroline Munro introduces the 1988 apocalyptic horror The Seventh Sign, starring Demi Moore as an expectant mother with chilling premonitions about the end of the world. [S]

The Seventh Sign

Friday 23:00 - 01:00

1988. Horror. Director: Carl Schultz. Stars Demi Moore, Michael Biehn & Jürgen Prochnow. A pregnant woman feels the apocalypse looming, but with no one believing her, only she can prevent the end. [S]