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82: TalkingPictures TV

Wed May 31
Upstairs Downstairs

Today 14:00 - 15:00

Home Fires. 1974. Starring: Gordon Jackson, Jean Marsh & David Langton. Lady Prudence hijacks the Bellamy drawing room and in her new job as conductress, Rose collects a fare from a special passenger.


Today 15:00 - 17:45

1961. Romantic Drama. Director: Joshua Logan. Stars Leslie Caron, Maurice Chevalier & Charles Boyer. Young Marius dreams of a life at sea, but faces a dilemma when Fanny declares her love for him. [S]

Look At Life Report on a River

Today 17:45 - 18:00

1963. An exciting look at the River Thames from its source in Gloucestershire to the Port of London, where services are being modernised in order to keep traffic moving.

Piccadilly Incident

Today 18:00 - 20:00

1946. War. Director: Herbert Wilcox. Stars Anna Neagle, Michael Wilding, Coral Browne & Edward Rigby. A missing Wren returns from a desert isle and finds her husband has a new wife and son. [S]

Gideon's Way

Today 20:00 - 21:00

Boy with Gun. Stars John Gregson, Alexander Davion and Daphne Anderson. A boy shoots a punk that threatened him with a knife and runs away, joined by a young escapee. [S]

Bright Hair

Today 21:00 - 23:15

1997. Mystery. Directed by Christopher Menaul. Stars Emilia Fox, James Purefoy & Oliver Milburn. A rebellious schoolgirl's life is plunged into chaos after accidently discovering a murder scene. [S]

A Private Function

Today 23:15 - 01:10

1984. Comedy. Director: Malcolm Mowbray. Stars Michael Palin, Maggie Smith & Denholm Elliott. Food rationing remains in 1947 Britain, but a town hosts a party with an illegal pig as the main dish. [S]

Thu Jun 01
Hostile Witness

Tomorrow 01:10 - 03:15

1968. Drama. Directed by Ray Milland. Stars Ray Milland, Sylvia Syms & Felix Aylmer. After the death of his daughter, a barrister is then unexpectedly put on trial for the death of his neighbour. [S]

Night Visitor

Tomorrow 03:15 - 05:15

1971. Crime horror starring Max von Sydow, Trevor Howard and Liv Ullmann. Salem escapes from an insane asylum where he was confined for being an axe-murderer. Music by Mancini.

Haunted Palace

Tomorrow 05:15 - 05:50

1949. Directed by Richard Fisher. This short film documentary features Shaw Desmond, founder of the International Institute for Psychical Research. Shaw relates several famous British hauntings. [S]

Look At Life Girls Ahoy

Tomorrow 05:50 - 06:00

1962. A look into the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS) 16 years after the war, showing the full range of duties now carried out by the wrens.

Honey West

Tomorrow 06:00 - 06:30

1965. Just The Bear Facts Ma'am. Crime Series produced by Aaron Spelling. Starring Anne Francis. Honey investigates the death of a stunt woman.

The Stable Door

Tomorrow 06:30 - 07:10

1966. Directed by Pat Jackson. Stars: Harry Fowler, Jack MacGowran, Dandy Nichols. A criminal gang conspire to rob a warehouse. [S]

Great Day In The Morning

Tomorrow 07:10 - 09:00

1956. Western. A gambler wins a hotel in a card game but finds himself involved with women and the start of the civil war. Starring Robert Stack, Virginia Mayo & Ruth Roman.

Black Saddle

Tomorrow 09:00 - 09:30

1959. The Long Rider. Western with Peter Breck. After his brothers are killed in a shootout, a gunfighter decides to hang up his guns and uphold the law by becoming a lawyer.

Another Man's Poison

Tomorrow 09:30 - 11:15

1951. Drama. Directed by Irving Rapper. Stars Bette Davis, Gary Merrill, Emlyn Williams, Anthony Steel & Barbara Murray. A mystery writer gets involved in potentially murderous relationships. [S]

Convict Stage

Tomorrow 11:15 - 12:45

1965. Western. Directed by Lesley Selander. Stars Harry Lauter, Don Barry & Jodi Mitchell. A cowboy seeks revenge on a gang who killed his sister but receives a lesson from a wise lawman. [S]

End of the Line

Tomorrow 12:45 - 14:05

1957. Director Charles Saunders. Starring Alan Baxter, Barbara Shelley & Jennifer Jayne. Given a fake alibi Mike robs a 'fence' of stolen jewels. The fence is found dead and Mike is blackmailed. [S]

Towed In A Hole

Tomorrow 14:05 - 14:30

1932. Comedy. Directed by George Marshall. Stars Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy & Billy Gilbert. Stan convinces Ollie that they should become fishermen, but making a boat seaworthy is not an easy task. [S]

Crown Court

Tomorrow 14:30 - 15:00

Infanticide or Murder? - Part 2. 1973. Stars Bernard Gallagher, Brenda Cavendish & Sheila Raynor. Information begins to stack up as the witnesses take to the stand and testify. [S]

Alive & Kicking

Tomorrow 15:00 - 17:00

1958. Comedy. Directed by Cyril Frankel. Stars Sybil Thorndike, Kathleen Harrison & Estelle Winwood. Three elderly friends run away from their nursing home, looking for greener pastures. [S]


Tomorrow 17:00 - 19:40

1963. Western. Director: Andrew V. McLaglen. Stars John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara & Patrick Wayne. Wealthy rancher McLintock uses his power and influence to keep the peace between conflicting groups. [S]

Look At Life Silver's New Shine

Tomorrow 19:40 - 20:00

1964. A unique look at silver and the extraordinary jobs it is used for today.

The Saint

Tomorrow 20:00 - 21:00

The Contract. 1965. Stars Roger Moore, Dick Haymes & Robert Hutton. An ex-convict returns to England in search of hidden cash and to seek revenge against The Saint. [S]


Tomorrow 21:00 - 22:00

Collision Course. 1974. Stars Margaret Lockwood, Fulton Mackay & John Stone. Harriet learns about maritime law to defend a Greek ship owner. Also, marriage may be on the cards for Harriet and Ian.

The Groundstar Conspiracy

Tomorrow 22:00 - 23:55

1972. Action. Director: Lamont Johnson. Stars George Peppard, Michael Sarrazin & Christine Belford. A government agent tries to find out the truth behind a break-in at a secret research facility.

Cry Of The City

Tomorrow 23:55 - 01:45

1948. Mystery. Director: Robert Siodmak. Stars: Victor Mature, Richard Conte & Fred Clark.Lieut. Candella, longtime friend of the Rome family, walks a tightrope in the case of cop-killer Martin Rome.

Fri Jun 02

Friday 01:45 - 03:30

1958. Drama. Directed by Henry Koster. Stars Dana Wynter, Mel Ferrer & Dolores Michaels. A young German woman helps an escaped American prisoner of war but once free, she faces more trouble alone. [S]

Too Young To Love

Friday 03:30 - 05:10

1959. Directed by Muriel Box. Stars Jess Conrad, Pauline Hahn, Joan Miller & Austin Willis. Based on the play, Pickup Girl by Elsa Shelley. A story of a young girl's lapse into sex delinquency. [S]

Crazy Days

Friday 05:10 - 06:00

1962. Comedy. Directed by James M. Anderson. Scenes from the silent era greats. Including Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin plus many more. Narrated by Hughie Green. [S]

Ensign O'Toole

Friday 06:00 - 06:30

1962. Operation: Holdout. Starring Dean Jones and Jack Albertson. 17 years after the end of WWII there are still soldiers stuck on an island that don't know the war has ended. [S]

The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan

Friday 06:30 - 08:35

1953. Drama. Director: Sidney Gilliat. Stars Robert Morley, Maurice Evans & Eileen Herlie. A dramatisation of the collaboration between writer William S. Gilbert and composer Arthur Sullivan. [S]

Fantastic Voyage

Friday 08:35 - 10:35

1966. Action Adventure. Directed by Richard Fleischer. Stars Stephen Boyd, Raquel Welch & Edmond O'Brien. A surgical team is shrunken down and injected into a dying scientist to save his life. [S]

Let's visit the Crofters

Friday 10:35 - 10:55

Short documentary detailing the farming traditions of the Shetland Islands, from the Crofters' summertime sheep drive to the drama of the annual herring haul.

Isn't Life Wonderful

Friday 10:55 - 12:35

1953. Comedy. Directed by Harold French. Stars Cecil Parker, Eileen Herlie & Donald Wolfit. A family gifts their embarrassing uncle a bicycle shop to manage in order to impress a visiting heiress. [S]

Mark of Zorro

Friday 12:35 - 14:30

1940. Adventure. Directed by Rouben Mamoulian. Stars Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell & Basil Rathbone. A young Spanish aristocrat hides his identity in order to restore justice to 1820 California. [S]

Crown Court

Friday 14:30 - 15:00

Infanticide or Murder? - Part 3. 1973. Stars Joseph Berry, Dorothy Vernon & John Byron. As this heart-breaking case draws to the end, will the truth be revealed and justice be served? [S]

Falstaff: Chimes at Midnight

Friday 15:00 - 17:20

1965. Drama/Comedy. Directed by & stars Orson Welles. Features Jeanne Moreau & Margaret Rutherford. The story of Sir John Falstaff and his misadventures while keeping the young Prince Hal company. [S]

BEA: Number One in Europe

Friday 17:20 - 18:00

Made in 1971 to celebrate 25 years of BEA. BEA was a British airline which existed from 1946-1974. A fascinating day in the life of the airline on land and in the skies.

Time To Remember

Friday 18:00 - 18:30

Enough of Everything. 1959. Narrated by Stanley Holloway. A focus on events in 1917, including the Russian Revolution, US entry into war, women at work and the production of war materials. [S]

Steel Bayonet

Friday 18:30 - 20:15

1957. Drama. Directed by Michael Carreras. Stars Raymond Francis, John Paul & Kieron Moore. A small group of British soldiers on an observation mission must stop a German advance. [S]

Look At Life The Car Has Wings

Friday 20:15 - 20:30

1963. A remarkable look at the different ways of transporting cars by ferry, car sleeper, air ferry, through tunnels and over bridges.

Dial 999

Friday 20:30 - 21:00

Mechanical Watchman. 1958. Stars Robert Beatty, John Howlett & Peter Allenby. Maguire catches a fur coat thief in the act; however, the other members of the gang remain unknown. [S]

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Friday 21:00 - 21:05

Caroline Munro welcomes you to this evenings Cellar Club. The first of tonight's films is the 1996 historical drama The Crucible, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Winona Ryder. [S]

The Crucible

Friday 21:05 - 23:35

1996. Drama. Directed by Nicholas Hytner. Stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Winona Ryder & Paul Scofield. A Salem resident attempts to frame her ex-lover's wife for being a witch during the 1692 trials. [S]

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Friday 23:35 - 23:40

The second film lined up is the 1974 action drama Shatter. Caroline Munro introduces us to the film starring Stuart Whitman and Peter Cushing. [S]


Friday 23:40 - 01:25

1974. Action Drama. Director Michael Carreras. Stars Stuart Whitman, Peter Cushing & Lung Ti. An international hitman is hiding out in Hong Kong after completing a contract on an African leader. [S]

Sat Jun 03
Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Saturday 01:25 - 01:30

Caroline closes the doors to The Cellar Club, introducing the offerings for next week. [S]

Blood And Wine

Saturday 01:30 - 03:35

1996. Crime Drama. Directed by Bob Rafelson. Stars Jack Nicholson, Michael Caine & Stephen Dorff. A con-man's plan to steal a diamond necklace is hindered by his outraged wife and stepson. [S]

Final Appointment

Saturday 03:35 - 05:00

1954. Crime. Director Terence Fisher and starring John Bentley. Reporters investigate threats against a retired army officer and discover links to a series of murders that occurred during the war. [S]

Target: The Corruptors

Saturday 05:00 - 06:00

The Wrecker. 1961. Stars Stephen McNally, Robert Harland & Harold J. Stone. Investigative reporters Paul Marino & Jack Flood investigate various cases of industrial corruption. (S1, E22)


Saturday 06:00 - 07:35

1952. Starring Mark Stevens & Angela Lansbury. During the war of 1812, the U.S. arranges to borrow gold from France. A young Captain must navigate through the British blockade. [S]

Clash By Night

Saturday 07:35 - 09:00

1963. Drama. Directed by Montgomery Tully. Starring Terence Longdon, Jennifer Jayne & Harry Fowler. A prison bus enroute to jail is hijacked by a gang determined to free their leader. [S]

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Saturday 09:00 - 09:30

Blackmail. 1956. Stars Richard Greene, Bernadette O'Farrell & Ian Hunter. A stranger attempts to blackmail Robin after overhearing an important conversation he had with Lady Marian. [S]

The Adventures of Sir Lancelot

Saturday 09:30 - 10:00

Knight Errant. 1957. Stars William Russell, Cyril Smith & Ronald Leigh-Hunt. Two sisters are left a small kingdom by the father, but the older girl is being set up to marry by her guardian. [S]

Mr Horatio Knibbles

Saturday 10:00 - 11:05

1970. Family comedy. Directed by Robert Hird. Stars Lesley Roach, Gary Smith & Rachel Brennock. Upset after not receiving a rabbit for her birthday, an imaginary rabbit friend appears for Mary. [S]

The Buccaneers

Saturday 11:05 - 11:35

Dan Tempest's War with Spain. 1956. Stars Robert Shaw, Edwin Richfield & Brian Rawlinson. Governor Rogers has left New Providence. Meanwhile, an apparently peaceful Spanish Galleon arrives. [S]

The Phantom Empire

Saturday 11:35 - 12:00

Chapter 7. 1935. Starring: Gene Autry, Frankie Darro & Betsy King Ross. Declared dead, the Queen sends Gene to the revival chamber so she can learn who the traitor that previously released him is. [S]

The Man with X-Ray Eyes

Saturday 12:00 - 13:35

1963. Sci-fi. Director: Roger Corman. Stars Ray Milland, Diana Van der Vils & Harold J. Stone. A doctor discovers the formula for x-ray vision, unaware of the disastrous consequences of the power. [S]

The Outer Limits

Saturday 13:35 - 14:35

ZZZZZZ. 1964. Stars Phillip Abbot, Marsha Hunt & Joanna Frank. An entomologist tries to communicate with bees in his garden but a queen bee with the ability to turn into a woman has her own plans. [S]

Fireball XL-5

Saturday 14:35 - 15:05

Planet 46. 1962. Stars David Graham, Sylvia Anderson & Paul Maxwell. The crew of Fireball XL-5 are sent to intercept a missile fired by Planet 46, but they are captured by the evil Subterraneans.

The Flying Scot

Saturday 15:05 - 16:35

1957. Crime. Director: Compton Bennett. Stars Lee Patterson, Kay Callard & Alan Gifford. After learning what's being transported on the Flying Scot, Ronnie plans the biggest robbery of all time. [S]


Saturday 16:35 - 18:40

1965. Adventure. Director: Robert Day. Stars Ursula Andress, John Richardson, Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee. Archaeologists stumble across a lost city, run by a beautiful immortal Queen. [S]

Look At Life Flood Tide

Saturday 18:40 - 19:00

1964. A Look into the story of the ceaseless battle against the sea and shows how the Flood Warning System works.

In Suspicious Circumstances

Saturday 19:00 - 20:00

Mrs Bravo Regrets. 1991. Narrator: Edward Woodward. Stars Rory Edwards & Kate Gartside. Unsolved mysteries of a Victorian poisoning, the murder of an elderly woman and a 1960s gangland shooting. [S]


Saturday 20:00 - 21:00

My Friend The Inspector. 1960. Stars Rupert Davies, Ewen Solo & Marian Spencer. A savage murder on the Mediterranean island of Porquerolles provides a change of scene for Inspector Maigret. [S]

The Four Just Men

Saturday 21:00 - 21:30

Crack-Up. 1960. Stars Richard Conte, June Thorburn & Delena Kidd. A plane which crashed years ago is spotted. Ryder finds himself in the chaos of finding five million in bullion from the wreckage. [S]

Picnic at Hanging Rock

Saturday 21:30 - 23:50

1975. Drama. Directed by Peter Weir. Stars Rachel Roberts, Anne-Louise Lambert & Vivean Gray. A school summer picnic takes an unpleasant turn when a group of students and a teacher vanish. [S]

Personal Services

Saturday 23:50 - 02:00

1987. Comedy. Director: Terry Jones. Stars Julie Walters, Alec McCowen, Shirley Stelfox. The story of the rise of a single mother from waitress to madam of a suburban brothel for older men. [S]

Sun Jun 04
Silent Playground

Sunday 02:00 - 03:30

1963. Thriller. Director: Stanley Goulder. Stars Bernard Archard, Jean Anderson & Roland Curram. A newly released mental hospital patient tries to befriend the local kids, with deadly consequences.

Monkey Business

Sunday 03:30 - 05:20

1952. Comedy. Directed by Howard Hawks. Stars Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers & Marilyn Monroe. A chemist's life is turned upside down after his fountain of youth potion is found by a chimpanzee. [S]

A Yank Comes Back

Sunday 05:20 - 06:00

1948. Documentary. Directed by Colin Dean. Stars Burgess Meredith, Elwyn Brook-Jones & Richard George. Short film looking at life in early post-war Britain, including a cameo from Paulette Goddard.

Assassin For Hire

Sunday 06:00 - 07:20

1951. Crime. Director: Michael McCarthy. Stars Sydney Tafler, Ronald Howard & Katharine Blake. To support his family, Antonio takes a high risk and hires himself as a professional hit-man. [S]

The Outlaw

Sunday 07:20 - 09:35

1943. Western. Directed by Howard Hughes. Stars Jack Buetel, Thomas Mitchell & Jane Russell. Western legends Pat Garrett, Doc Holliday and Billy the Kid are played against each other over the law. [S]

Ships With Wings

Sunday 09:35 - 11:40

1941. War. Directed by Sergei Nolbandov. Stars Ann Todd, John Clements & Leslie Banks. A heroic story set during WWII about the bravery and sacrifices of the men of the Fleet Air Arm. [S]

Live Now Pay Later

Sunday 11:40 - 13:45

1962. Drama. Directed by Jay Lewis. Stars Ian Hendry, June Ritchie & John Gregson. The adventures of a devious door to door salesman and his unscrupulous efforts to line his own pockets. [S]

Look At Life Girls Ahoy

Sunday 13:45 - 14:00

1962. A look into the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS) 16 years after the war, showing the full range of duties now carried out by the wrens.

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Sunday 14:00 - 14:30

A Village Wooing. 1956. Stars Richard Greene, Alexander Gauge & Bernadette O'Farrell. Robin attempts to help Wat Longfellow, a man who became an outlaw to escape a life of indentured servitude. [S]

The Larkins

Sunday 14:30 - 15:00

Total Welfare. 1959. Stars Peggy Mount, George Roderick & Anita Sharp-Bolster. Ada takes care of Sam and Myrtle when Hetty ends up in hospital and all is well until Hetty's mother turns up. [S]

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Sunday 15:00 - 16:50

1951. Sci-fi. Directed by Robert Wise. Stars Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal & Hugh Marlowe. An alien emissary arrives on Earth to deliver a warning which could determine the worlds survival. [S]

Birmingham & The Road Patrol Bikes

Sunday 16:50 - 17:00

Glimpses: 1950s. We start in Birmingham at the famous BSA factory where we follow the annual Road Patrol. Marvel at their side chassis and box carriers and follow them to Exeter, Abroath & Belfast.

The Footage Detectives

Sunday 17:00 - 18:00

We visit a doll making factory in the 50s, then ask, were you a waitress at Butlins, Clacton in 1964? We celebrate the telephonists and the 'Hello Girls' and reveal a secret about chocolate! [S]

The Saint

Sunday 18:00 - 19:00

The Abductors. 1965. Stars Roger Moore, Dudley Foster & Robert Urquhart. In Paris, The Saint meets the brother of a prominent scientist asking for help, leading Simon down a very dangerous path. [S]


Sunday 19:00 - 20:40

1953. Comedy. Director Henry Cornelius. Stars Kenneth More, Dinah Sheridan and Kay Kendall. Alan and Ambrose are not going to let friendship get in the way of winning the London to Brighton rally. [S]

A European Holiday in the 50s

Sunday 20:40 - 21:00

Sunbeam Rapier brings you 'A European Holiday in the 50s'! A charming colour film where we travel in a Sunbeam Rapier through many parts of Europe, with surprise appearances, including Stirling Moss.

Van der Valk

Sunday 21:00 - 22:00

Season of Love. Stars Barry Foster, Michael Latimer & Susan Travers. A rich, middle-aged American flies into Amsterdam to meet her young lover, only to learn that he has disappeared. [S]

Runaway Train

Sunday 22:00 - 00:10

1985. Action. Directed by Andrey Konchalovskiy. Stars Jon Voight, Eric Roberts & Rebecca De Mornay. Two escaped convicts and a railway worker find themselves trapped on an out of control train. [S]

Mon Jun 05
Wimbledon Poisoner

Monday 00:10 - 02:40

1994. Comedy Drama. Directed by Robert Young. Stars Robert Lindsay, Alison Steadman & Larry Lamb. A mild-mannered solicitor plots to murder his overpowering wife, but all does not go to plan... [S]

Blame It On The Bellboy

Monday 02:40 - 04:15

1991. Comedy. Director Mark Herman. Stars Dudley Moore, Bryan Brown & Richard Griffiths. Several strangers converge in a hotel in Venice, where a bellboy sets them up to clash against each other. [S]

The Heritage Chart Show with Mike Read

Monday 04:15 - 05:20

A TOTP style TV Show for Heritage Artists based on the Heritage Chart which is voted on in over 80 countries. Songs you love from popular artists, live and on video with the odd interview.

IWM: Thursday's Comet

Monday 05:20 - 05:50

1966. Short documentary about RAF Comet flights to Singapore and the work of the RAF in the Far East, narrated by and featuring Jon Rollason. [S]

Crazy Motoring

Monday 05:50 - 06:00

A fascinating look at some new and unusual ideas of fuelling our engines, featuring a glimpse of many extraordinary designs including chicken manure powered and sun-powered cars.

Price of Wisdom

Monday 06:00 - 07:20

1935. Starring Mary Jerrold & Roger Livesey. A young designer goes to London to further her career but things are complicated when her invention is a success.

Twice Two

Monday 07:20 - 07:45

1933. Comedy. Starring: Laurel & Hardy, Baldwin Cooke & Charlie Hall. Stan and Ollie are married to each other's sisters and plan a dinner party to celebrate their mutual anniversaries. [S]

Salute the Toff

Monday 07:45 - 09:20

1952. Drama. Director: Maclean Rogers. Stars John Bentley and Carol Marsh. Based on the 1941 Novel. The sixth in the series featuring upper-class sleuth, Richard Rollison. [S]

Colonel Effingham's Raid

Monday 09:20 - 10:50

1946. Comedy. Director: Irving Pichel. Stars Charles Coburn, Joan Bennett & William Eythe. A retired army officer returns to his hometown, vowing to make change after seeing a lack of civic pride. [S]


Monday 10:50 - 12:45

1947. Western. Connie Dickson (Veronica Lake) plans to marry a sheep rancher, but her father teams up with land baron Frank Ivey to drive the man out of town. [S]

White Cradle Inn

Monday 12:45 - 14:30

1947. Drama. Director: Harold French. Stars Michael Rennie & Madeleine Carroll. During the war, children were evacuated beneath the Swiss Alps, one of which is billeted with the local Inn owners. [S]

Crown Court

Monday 14:30 - 15:00

Doctor's Neglect - Part 1. 1972. Stars John Alkin, Rex Arundel & David Ashford. Following a car accident, a man is taken to hospital, but dies shortly after. His widow sues the hospital. [S]

A High Wind in Jamaica

Monday 15:00 - 17:10

1965. Adventure. Director: Alexander Mackendrick. Stars Anthony Quinn, James Coburn & Dennis Price. A family in Jamaica send their children back to England, but their ship is ambushed by pirates. [S]

Norman Wisdom: A Life

Monday 17:10 - 18:00

2004. Documentary. Directed by Peter Williams. Sir Norman Wisdom goes back to his roots in Kent and talks to Paul Ross about his childhood, his challenges and his professional life of laughter. [S]

The Footage Detectives

Monday 18:00 - 19:00

Mike and Noel go roller skating back in time to the 50s, there's a look at driving in London in the 60s, we have a reel of a local pageant and garden party, and who remembers P.C. 49? [S]

The Champions

Monday 19:00 - 20:00

The Interrogation. 1969. Starring: Stuart Damon, Alexandra Bastedo & William Gaunt. On return from a mission, Craig is captured and interrogated - but by who? [S]

The Main Chance

Monday 20:00 - 21:00

Survival. 1975. Director: Cyril Coke. Starring: John Stride, Margaret Ashcroft & John Wentworth. Unable to practice law, Main encounters unsavoury characters in his search for alternative work.

Picnic at Hanging Rock

Monday 21:00 - 23:20

1975. Drama. Directed by Peter Weir. Stars Rachel Roberts, Anne-Louise Lambert & Vivean Gray. A school summer picnic takes an unpleasant turn when a group of students and a teacher vanish. [S]

Secret Army

Monday 23:20 - 00:25

Collaborator. 1979. Stars Bernard Hepton, Juliet Hammond & Ron Pember. Albert is finally released from prison. Meanwhile, Natalie and Alain travel through the front line to gain important contact. [S]

Tue Jun 06
Crown Court

Tuesday 00:25 - 00:55

The Medium - Part 1. 1972. Stars Edward Jewesbury, Christopher Gable & Joyce Heron. Self-proclaimed medium Simon Purbeck is accused of cheating Mrs Mary Wells out of more than £40,000. [S]

Crown Court

Tuesday 00:55 - 01:25

The Medium - Part 2. 1972. Stars John Alkin, David Ashford & Richard Colson. Is Simon Purbeck a genuine medium or a fraud? Witnesses take to the stand and information is gathered. [S]

Crown Court

Tuesday 01:25 - 01:55

The Medium - Part 3. 1972. Stars Christopher Gable, Wendy Gifford & Michael Hall. Will Simon Purbeck convince the jury of his innocence in this story of spiritual faith versus integrity? [S]


Tuesday 01:55 - 03:35

1943. Drama. Director: Sergei Nolbandov. Stars: John Clements, Godfrey Tearle & Tom Walls. The scene is Yugoslavia during WWII. A farmer and his wife are celebrating the anniversary of their wedding.

Devil's Jest

Tuesday 03:35 - 04:50

1954. War. Directed by Alfred Goulding. Stars Mara Russell-Tavernan, Ivan Craig, Valentine Dyall. A story of espionage during WW2, involving a half German widow and her son, a German spy. [S]

The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre

Tuesday 04:50 - 06:00

Never Mention Murder. 1964. Directed by John Nelson-Burton. Stars Maxine Audley, Dudley Foster & Michael Coles. A surgeon (Dudley Foster) plans to use his medical skills to bump off his wife's lover.

Broken Blossoms

Tuesday 06:00 - 07:45

1936. Directed by John Brahm and starring Emlyn Williams, Dolly Hass and Arthur Margetson. A Chinese missionary comes to England where he helps a young girl who is ill treated by her father. [S]

Sherlock Holmes

Tuesday 07:45 - 08:15

The Case of the Winthrop Legend. 1954. Starring: Ronald Howard, Howard Marion-Crawford & Archie Duncan. The Winthrop family legend foretells the death of anyone who finds silver coins. [S]

Final Appointment

Tuesday 08:15 - 09:30

1954. Crime. Director Terence Fisher and starring John Bentley. Reporters investigate threats against a retired army officer and discover links to a series of murders that occurred during the war. [S]

Interpol Calling

Tuesday 09:30 - 10:00

Pipeline. 1960. Starring Charles Korvin, Edwin Richfield & John Bentley. Duval travels to South America to extradite a wanted criminal but ends up in the midst of civil war.

Naked Fury

Tuesday 10:00 - 11:15

1959. After a robbery during which the night-watchman is killed, the robbers take his daughter hostage. Stars Kenneth Cope & Reed de Rouen. [S]

The Ultimate Solution of Grace Quigley

Tuesday 11:15 - 13:00

1984. Comedy. Director: Anthony Harvey. Stars Katharine Hepburn, Nick Nolte & Kit Le Fever. As Grace Quigley nears the end of her life, she partners up with a hitman to carry out some final tasks. [S]

Shadows on the Stairs

Tuesday 13:00 - 14:15

1941. Crime. Director: D. Ross Lederman. Stars Frieda Inescort & Paul Cavanagh. Occupants of a boarding house become suspects after a string of murders. [S]

Man In The Moon

Tuesday 14:15 - 16:15

1960. Comedy. Directed by Basil Dearden and starring Kenneth More, Shirley Anne Field and Michael Hordern. Scientists are looking for the perfect man to send to the moon. [S]

Cast a Dark Shadow

Tuesday 16:15 - 18:00

1955. Thriller. Directed by Lewis Gilbert. Starring Dirk Bogarde, Margaret Lockwood, Kay Walsh & Kathleen Harrison. A clever fortune-hunter with a penchant for murder kills his elderly, rich wife. [S]

Colonel March of Scotland Yard

Tuesday 18:00 - 18:30

The Headless Hat. 1956. Stars Boris Karloff, Ewan Roberts. There is a murder at the docks and Colonel March is asked by a friend of the French police to assist. [S]

Scotland Yard

Tuesday 18:30 - 19:05

1954. The Strange Case of Blonde. Directed by Ken Hughes. Stars Lee Sinclaire, Derek Alward, Cyril Smith & Russell Napier. A cat burglar adopts an unexpected disguise. (S1, E08)

Danger UXB

Tuesday 19:05 - 20:05

Bad Company. 1979. Stars Anthony Andrews, Judy Geeson & Kenneth Farrington. A new commanding officer's method of discipline border on psychotic, the men consider mutiny.

The Human Jungle

Tuesday 20:05 - 21:05

Fine Feathers. 1963. Stars Herbert Lom. A young couple seem to be living above their means. Penny claims she's using a legacy to shower her husband with gifts. Guest stars Jane Merrow. [S]


Tuesday 21:05 - 22:55

Maigret's Mistake. 1994. Stars Bruno Cremer, Danièle Lebrun & Bernadette Lafont. Maigret takes on a new case after a young prostitute is found shot in her apartment. Who killed her and why?

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Tuesday 22:55 - 23:00

Caroline Munro welcomes you into a night of full of mystery and horror in the club. The 2003 feature The Order is the first offering of the night, starring the brilliant Heath Ledger. [S]

The Order

Tuesday 23:00 - 00:55

2003. Mystery Horror. Directed by Brian Helgeland. Stars Heath Ledger, Mark Addy & Shannyn Sossamon. A young priest travels to Rome to investigate the mysterious death of the head of his order. [S]

Wed Jun 07
Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Wednesday 00:55 - 01:00

The 1978 horror The Cat and the Canary is next up. Caroline presents the feature based on a 1922 play about a woman's vast inheritance making her the target of a mysterious killer. [S]

The Cat and the Canary

Wednesday 01:00 - 03:00

1978. Thriller. Director Radley Metzger. Stars Honor Blackman, Michael Callan & Edward Fox. A group of potential heirs gather in a forbidding house to learn which of them will inherit a fortune. [S]

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Wednesday 03:00 - 03:05

Caroline Munro introduces the last horror of the night, the 1993 feature Little Devils. Directed by George Pavlov, this film focuses on devilish creatures an evil scientist creates and releases. [S]

Little Devils

Wednesday 03:05 - 05:00

1993. Horror directed by George Pavlov and starring Marc Price, Nancy Valen and Russ Tamblyn. A nerdy scientist creates demonic creatures from clay from an ancient crypt. [S]

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Wednesday 05:00 - 05:05

Caroline closes the doors to the chaos and horror, locking it inside for another week, and gives us a glimpse of next week's films. [S]

Look At Life Flight Deck

Wednesday 05:05 - 05:25

1960. A look at how the aircraft carrier is now the central part of naval operations, with an appearance of the carrier Hermes on exercise.

Mrs G Goes To College

Wednesday 05:25 - 06:00

High Finance. Sarah Green, an elderly Jewish widow, decides to enrol in college after raising her own children. Stars: Emmy Award-winning actress Gertrude Berg. (S1, E21)

The Detectives

Wednesday 06:00 - 07:00

Point of No Return. Stars: Tige Andrews, Russell Thorson, Adam West. Captain Matt Holbrook (Robert Taylor) leads a squad of brave and tough detectives tackling crime.

Cause For Alarm!

Wednesday 07:00 - 08:25

1951. Drama. Director: Tay Garnett. Stars Loretta Young, Barry Sullivan & Bruce Cowling. An unwell man accuses his wife and doctor of plotting to kill him, causing trouble after his sudden death. [S]

Go West

Wednesday 08:25 - 10:00

1925. Comedy. Director: Buster Keaton. Stars Buster Keaton, Howard Truesdale & Kathleen Myers. A New Yorker tries his luck finding a job in the country and finds his way leading a herd of cattle.

The Onedin Line

Wednesday 10:00 - 11:00

Frisco Bound. 1972. Stars Peter Gilmore, Howard Lang & Paul Lavers. James plans a testing voyage for a prospective sailor. Meanwhile, Captain Baines faces the consequences of losing his ship. [S]

River Beat

Wednesday 11:00 - 12:20

1954. Crime drama directed by Guy Green. A radio operator is duped into smuggling diamonds and is caught by Customs Detective Baker (John Bentley). Starring Phyllis Kirk and Bill Nagy. [S]

Grand National Night

Wednesday 12:20 - 14:00

1953. Crime Drama. Directed by Bob McNaught. Stars Nigel Patrick & Moira Lister. A horse trainer's wife unexpectedly dies after a bitter argument, leaving him fearful of being accused of murder. [S]

Upstairs Downstairs

Wednesday 14:00 - 15:00

If You Were The Only Girl In The World. 1974. Starring: Jean Marsh & Meg Wynn Owen. Hazel is seeing a young RFC pilot, Jack Dyson. James and Georgina meet in France on the eve of a military campaign.

Scott of the Antarctic

Wednesday 15:00 - 17:10

1948. Adventure. Directed by Charles Frend. Stars John Mills, Derek Bond & Diana Churchill. The story of British explorer Robert Falcon Scott and his quest to be the first to reach the South Pole.

Frozen North

Wednesday 17:10 - 17:30

1922. Comedy Short. Directed by Edward F. Cline & Buster Keaton. Buster Keaton stars as a clumsy villain in this parody of early Western films. Also featuring Joe Roberts & Sybil Seely.

One Step Beyond

Wednesday 17:30 - 18:00

The Riddle. 1959. Stars Warren Stevens, Bethel Leslie & Barry Atwater. On a trip through India, a married couple encounters a beggar who seems to be different from all the others they have seen. [S]

Hell and High Water

Wednesday 18:00 - 20:00

1954. Action. Director: Samuel Fuller. Starring: Richard Widmark, Bella Darvi & Victor Francen. A scientific team refits a Japanese submarine to find a secret Chinese atomic island base. [S]

Gideon's Way

Wednesday 20:00 - 21:00

The Reluctant Witness. Stars John Gregson, Alexander Davion and Daphne Anderson. Some neighborhood thugs who run a stolen car ring beat a man to death. A timid shop girl is the only witness. [S]

And Then There Were None

Wednesday 21:00 - 23:00

1974. Thriller. Director: Peter Collinson. Stars Charles Aznavour, Oliver Reed, Richard Attenborough & Herbert Lom. Ten people are invited to a hotel and are accused of murder. [S]

Breakout (1997)

Wednesday 23:00 - 00:50

1997. Drama. Directed by Moira Armstrong. Stars Neil Dudgeon, Samantha Bond & Dermot Crawley. Scientists investigate a mysterious illness after it strikes down three people near a research site. [S]

Thu Jun 08

Thursday 00:50 - 02:30

1974. Science-fiction. Director: Saul Bass. Stars: Michael Murphy, Nigel Davenport & Lynne Frederick. Desert ants develop intelligence and wage war. Scientists and a girl attempt to destroy them. [S]