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Sun Dec 03
Bringing Out The Dead

Today 02:00 - 04:30

1999. Drama. Directed by Martin Scorsese. Stars Nicholas Cage, Patricia Arquette & John Goodman. A burnt out paramedic, haunted by the lives he failed to save, fights to maintain his sanity. [S]

The Reluctant Bride

Today 04:30 - 06:00

1955. Comedy. Director Henry Cass. Starring John Carroll and Virginia Bruce. A group of children whose parents are missing are looked after by a womanising oil man and a dignified entomologist. [S]

Man In The Mirror

Today 06:00 - 07:35

1936. Drama with Edward Everett-Horton & Alastair Sim. A timid businessman, while looking into his mirror, is confronted by his alter ego. [S]

1965 Monte Carlo Rally

Today 07:35 - 07:50

Feel the excitement build and meet the star drivers of 1965. Follow the journey through each country to the finish line and watch the win for B.M.C.'s Mini-Cooper S under very tough conditions.

Thunder In The City

Today 07:50 - 09:30

1937. Comedy. Stars Edward G. Robinson, Nigel Bruce, Constance Collier & Ralph Richardson. A visiting American engages in a bold business promotion, the likes of which the British have never seen. [S]

Many Faces of Christopher Lee

Today 09:30 - 10:40

1996. In this fascinating documentary, Christopher Lee gives us an insight into his life and career. He discusses some of his famous roles and films, and touches on his personal life and family. [S]

D.O.A. (1949)

Today 10:40 - 12:20

1949. Mystery. Directed by Rudolph Maté. Stars Edmond O'Brien, Pamela Britton & Luther Adler. An accountant learns that he has been poisoned, with only a few days to live, he hunts down his enemy. [S]

The Secret of Convict Lake

Today 12:20 - 14:00

1951. Western. Director Michael Gordon. Stars Glenn Ford, Gene Tierney & Ethel Barrymore. A falsely convicted felon and a group of inmates escape prison and descend upon a town inhabited by women. [S]

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Today 14:00 - 14:30

Fair Play. 1957. Stars Richard Greene, Thomas Gallagher & Colin Broadley. Three of Robin's men travel undercover as Bavarian acrobats, but a greedy fortune teller betrays them to the sheriff. [S]

The Larkins

Today 14:30 - 15:10

Counter Attraction. 1964. Stars David Kossoff, Andrew Crawford & Toni Gilpin. A puzzled Ada wonders where all her customers have gone and Hetty's upset when her chance to shine is snatched away. [S]

The Flemish Farm

Today 15:10 - 16:50

1943. War. Directed by Jeffery Dell. Stars Jane Baxter, Clifford Evans, Philip Friend. Based on a true story. A Belgian Pilot's daring attempt to retrieve the Colours from Nazi-occupied Belgium. [S]

Look At Life Vintage Models

Today 16:50 - 17:00

1963. A look at the restoration of vintage vehicles with visits to the Montagu Motor Museum at Beaulieu in the New Forest, the high speed trials at Silverstone and the famous London to Brighton run.

The Footage Detectives

Today 17:00 - 18:00

We ask how you used to keep warm during the winters of yesteryear, there's must see footage of brave journalists during WWII, we look at owning a car in the 1960s and who remembers Letraset? [S]

Tell Me Another

Today 18:00 - 18:30

How They Started in Showbusiness. 1976. Personal anecdotes as told to Dick Hills. This episode stars Yootha Joyce, Bernard Manning, Alfred Marks, Leslie Phillips, Terry Scott & Max Wall. [S]

It's Great to be Young

Today 18:30 - 20:20

1956. Musical. John Mills stars as a well-loved teacher in this gentle musical comedy portraying life in the 1950s British classroom and the school jazz band. [S]

A Lifetime Ago with The...

Today 20:20 - 20:25

... Baim Collection. Richard Jeffs, the Curator of The Baim Collection, talks us through the history & legacy of the collection and how Harold Baim became the Quota Quickie king.

Delta 8-3

Today 20:25 - 21:00

1960. Narrator: Peter Dimmock. A detailed look at Britain's Vulcan delta wing bomber, including the training of a new crew and unique footage of three of the early Vulcan bombers flying in formation.


Today 21:00 - 22:05

One More River. 1970. Stars Cyd Hayman, Jack Woolgar & Jerome Willis. Vincent, Jimmy and Nina must navigate across 50 miles of occupied France before they reach the river where free France begins. [S]

Sex (Re) Education

Today 22:05 - 22:35

Stars: Feodor Atkine, Sylwvie Granotier & Irene Jacob. Jacques, feeling self-conscious, seeks advice on how to be sexually adept. Elsa decides to help by coaching him. [S]

Bagdad Café

Today 22:35 - 00:45

1987. Comedy. Director: Percy Adlon. Stars Marianne Sägebrecht, CCH Pounder & Jack Palance. A Bavarian woman, abandoned by her husband in the desert, finds an unexpected oasis at the Bagdad Café.

Mon Dec 04
The Most Dangerous Game

Tomorrow 00:45 - 02:00

1932. Horror. Directors: Ernest B. Schoedsack & Irving Pichel. Stars Fay Wray, Joel McCrea, Leslie Banks & Robert Armstrong. Shipwrecked on an island, a hunter becomes the guest of Count Zaroff. [S]

The Main Chance

Tomorrow 02:00 - 03:00

With All My Worldly Goods. 1969. Director: John Frankau. Margaret comes to realise that the law is not perfect, as David faces a double catastrophe.

The Heritage Chart Show with Mike Read

Tomorrow 03:00 - 04:05

A TOTP style TV Show for Heritage Artists based on the Heritage Chart which is voted on in over 80 countries. Songs you love from popular artists, live and on video with the odd interview.

A Fire Has Been Arranged

Tomorrow 04:05 - 05:25

1935. Directed Leslie S. Hiscott. Stars Bud Flanagan, Chesney Allen & Rob Wilton. Two robbers hide their loot before spending 10 years in jail, but upon release they realise things have changed. [S]

Sherlock Holmes

Tomorrow 05:25 - 06:00

The Case of Lady Beryl. 1954. Starring: Ronald Howard, Howard Marion-Crawford & Paulette Goddard. Lady Beryl confesses to a murder, but Sherlock Holmes is convinced that she didn't do it. [S]

Rubber Racketeers

Tomorrow 06:00 - 07:20

1942. Drama. Director: Harold Young. Stars Ricardo Cortez, Rochelle Hudson & William Henry. Being released from prison, Gilin decides to enter the tyre-stealing-for-resell racket. [S]

Those People Next Door

Tomorrow 07:20 - 08:55

1953. Drama. Directed by John Harlow and starring Jack Warner, Charles Victor, Jimmy James & Anthony Newley. A young man's titled parents object to his working-class fiance. [S]

Bournemouth Fire Brigade in the 60s

Tomorrow 08:55 - 09:20

A fascinating short film about the fire brigade in Bournemouth in the 60s, with a glimpse of the operations within the fire station and a look at the critical duties of the firemen.

Lilli Marlene

Tomorrow 09:20 - 11:00

1950. Drama. Lilli, (Lisa Daniely) the French girl whose song 'Lilli Marlene' is loved by the Germans and the allies alike, is captured by the Nazis and rescued by the British. [S]

Time To Remember

Tomorrow 11:00 - 11:35

Enough of Everything. 1959. Narrated by Stanley Holloway. A focus on events in 1917, including the Russian Revolution, US entry into war, women at work and the production of war materials. [S]

October Moth

Tomorrow 11:35 - 12:45

1960. Drama. Director: John Kruse. Stars Lee Patterson, Lana Morris & Robert Cawdron, In an isolated Yorkshire farmhouse, a deranged young man imagines a car crash victim is his deceased mother. [S]

Lost in the Desert

Tomorrow 12:45 - 14:30

1969. Drama. Directed by Jamie Uys. Stars Wynand Uys & Jamie Uys. A plane crash a young boy and his dog must learn to survive in the heart of the African desert. [S]

Crown Court

Tomorrow 14:30 - 15:00

Wise Child - Part 1. 1973. Stars Terrence Hardiman, Derek Griffiths & Nigel Havers. Raoul Lapointe is facing criminal charges for attempting to obtain money under false pretences. [S]

The Saint

Tomorrow 15:00 - 16:00

The Man Who Was Lucky. 1962. Stars Roger Moore, Eddie Byrne & Delphi Lawrence. Simon deals with a protection gang who are threatening a bookmaker. [S]

Tom Brown's Schooldays (1951)

Tomorrow 16:00 - 17:50

1951. Starring Robert Newton, John Howard Davis, Sir Michael Hordern and Max Bygraves. A faithful rendition of the Thomas Hughes book of life at the famed Rugby School for Boys. [S]

Look At Life The Sky's The Limit

Tomorrow 17:50 - 18:00

1963. A look at the aerobatics of the RAF and the civil flyers.

The Footage Detectives

Tomorrow 18:00 - 19:00

We're travelling across Britain cinematically, courtesy of the Baim Collection and curator, Richard Jeffs. Noel tells us about his meeting with rock royalty and who remembers the cockle man? [S]

Ghost Ship

Tomorrow 19:00 - 20:30

1953. Thriller. Directed by Vernon Sewell. Starring Hazel Court & Dermot Walsh. A young couple decide to buy a luxury steamboat for a romantic getaway and scoff at warnings that it's haunted. [S]

The Killer is Loose

Tomorrow 20:30 - 22:00

1956. Crime Drama. Director: Budd Boetticher. Stars Joseph Cotten, Rhonda Fleming & Wendell Corey. A crazed convict escapes prison to seek revenge on the detective who accidently killed his wife. [S]

Music Box

Tomorrow 22:00 - 00:30

1989. Drama. Director: Costa-Gavras. Stars Jessica Lange, Armin Mueller-Stahl & Frederic Forrest. A lawyer defends her father accused of war crimes but begins to have doubts the more she uncovers. [S]

Tue Dec 05

Tuesday 00:30 - 01:45

1962. Crime Drama. Directed by Robert Hartford-Davis. Starring Laurence Payne and Jill Adams. Husband and wife look forward to their vacation but get caught between rival jewel thieves.

Look At Life What's On The Roof

Tuesday 01:45 - 02:00

1960. A detailed look at roofing in London and across the country, with a focus on traditional roofing crafts, various types of roofs for different buildings and how the work is completed.


Tuesday 02:00 - 03:50

Maigret and the Flemish Shop. 1991. Stars Bruno Cremer, Alexandra Vandernoot & Sabrina Leurquin. Maigret is sent to the Belgian border to investigate the strange disappearance of a young woman. [S]

Look At Life Woman Power

Tuesday 03:50 - 04:00

1960. Author and broadcaster Stephen Potter shows why no man should ever underestimate the spending power of women in modern Britain, with a look at women's influence on the retail trade.


Tuesday 04:00 - 05:00

Witnesses Cost Extra. 1971. Directed by John Batt. Stars Margaret Lockwood, George A. Cooper & John Dearth. A defence lawyer helps suspects to buy witnesses to get them off. Can Harriet stop them?

Monty Nash

Tuesday 05:00 - 05:30

Death Squad. 1971. Stars Harry Guardino, Armand Alzamora & Carmen Argenziano. Montgomery Nash, an undercover investigator is called in whenever the nation's security is in question.

Star Performance: Marked Down

Tuesday 05:30 - 06:00

1952. Director: William A. Seiter. Stars: Ida Lupino, Sarah Selby & Lyn Guild. A woman who works at a fancy dress shop is determined to meet and marry the millionaire whose office is next door.

Royal Wedding

Tuesday 06:00 - 07:50

1951. Musical. Directed by Stanley Donen. Stars Fred Astaire, Jane Powell & Peter Lawford. Whilst in London during the royal wedding, a dance act find romance which comes with its own challenges. [S]

Flight From Vienna

Tuesday 07:50 - 09:00

1956. Drama. Director: Denis Kavanagh. Stars John Bentley, Theodore Bikel & Donald Gray. When a Hungarian official asks for asylum in the west, he is forced to go back home to prove his sincerity. [S]

Emergency Call

Tuesday 09:00 - 10:45

1952. Drama. A young child must have a blood transfusion, but she has a rare blood group. Can a donor be found? Starring Jack Warner and Anthony Steel. [S]


Tuesday 10:45 - 12:35

1946. Drama. Directed by Lance Comfort. Stars Margaret Lockwood, Ian Hunter & Barry K. Barnes. Bedelia and her husband live happily in Monte Carlo, until a detective starts probing into her past. [S]

Chase a Crooked Shadow

Tuesday 12:35 - 14:20

1958. Thriller. Director: Michael Anderson. Stars Anne Baxter, Richard Todd & Herbert Lom. At Kimberley's villa, a stranger shows-up & claims he is her brother who she thought to be dead. [S]


Tuesday 14:20 - 16:05

1954. War. Directed by Stuart Heisler. Stars Tony Curtis, Frank Lovejoy & Mary Murphy. The story of four marines as they embark on a hazardous mission to find the location of Japanese minefields. [S]

Walk East On Beacon

Tuesday 16:05 - 18:00

1952. Drama. Directed by Alfred L. Werker. Stars Finlay Currie, George Murphy & Karel Stepanek. FBI agent James Belden is assigned to track down a communist sleeper cell based in Boston. [S]

The Black Arrow

Tuesday 18:00 - 18:30

The Stranger from France. 1973. Stars Eddie Byrne, Glyn Owen & Michael McStay. Black Arrow is caught in a fight between Lord Brock and an outlaw gang and a rumour spreads that Sir Daniel is alive. [S]

Scotland Yard

Tuesday 18:30 - 19:05

1960. Evidence in Concrete. Directed by Gordon Hales. Starring Russell Napier, Howard Pays and Peter Welch. A young girl's body found near a busy motorway tells of something sinister. (S1, E34)

The Four Just Men

Tuesday 19:05 - 19:40

Money to Burn. 1960. Stars Jack Hawkins, Ian Hunter & Andrew Keir. Manfred is called to help after a large number of banknotes are printed in an attempt to destabilise a South American republic. [S]

Dick Barton: Special Agent

Tuesday 19:40 - 19:55

1979. Writer: Julian Bond. Barton & co rescue Lucy Cameron (Debbie Farrington). She tells them that her father, George Cameron (Colin Rix), has been kidnapped by the evil Muller (Guy Deghy).


Tuesday 19:55 - 21:00

30 Minutes After Noon. 1965. Stars Peter Dyneley, Shane Rimmer & Christine Finn. International Rescue must stop the Erdman gang from detonating the world's biggest bomb before time runs out.

Cinebox Memories

Tuesday 21:00 - 21:05

In this wonderful music video from the 60s, Italian singer and actress Mina performs Pesci Rossi.


Tuesday 21:05 - 22:55

Maigret and the Elusive Witness. 1997. Stars Bruno Cremer, Stanislas Crevillen & Anne Roussel. A boy reports a corpse in the street which then apparently vanished. Maigret must find out the truth. [S]

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Tuesday 22:55 - 23:00

Caroline Munro welcomes you back into The Cellar Club this evening. The 1971 horror Brotherhood of Satan kicks off the night, starring Strother Martin, L.Q. Jones and Charles Bateman. [S]

Brotherhood of Satan

Tuesday 23:00 - 00:50

1971. Horror. Director: Bernard McEveety. Stars L.Q. Jones, Strother Martin & Charles Bateman. A family become trapped in a town by a cult of elderly Satan worshipers looking to recruit children. [S]

Wed Dec 06
Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Wednesday 00:50 - 00:55

Caroline introduces The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre. This 1964 mystery horror made for television, was directed and written by Joseph Stefano and stars Martin Landau, Judith Anderson and Diane Baker. [S]

The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre

Wednesday 00:55 - 02:35

1964. Horror. Director: Joseph Stefano. Stars Martin Landau, Judith Anderson & Diane Baker. An heiress hires a paranormal investigator after suspecting her mother in law's spirit is haunting her. [S]

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Wednesday 02:35 - 02:40

Last, but certainly not least, is One Body Too Many. Caroline Munro presents the comedy mystery feature starring Jack Haley, Jean Parker, Bela Lugosi and Lyle Talbot. [S]

One Body Too Many

Wednesday 02:40 - 04:15

1944. Mystery. Directed by Frank McDonald. Stars Jack Haley, Jean Parker & Bela Lugosi. An insurance investigator, mistaken as a detective, must protect a millionaire from his conniving family. [S]

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Wednesday 04:15 - 04:20

Another night of mystery, thrills and frights draws to a close. Caroline Munro has one last treat, a sneak peek of next weeks films. [S]

Sherlock Holmes

Wednesday 04:20 - 04:55

The Case of the Pennsylvania Gun. 1954. Starring: Ronald Howard, Howard Marion-Crawford & Russell Waters. Holmes and Watson investigate Squire Douglas, who was shot to death. [S]

Cinebox Memories

Wednesday 04:55 - 05:00

Put your dancing shoes on and take a step back in time for Eden Kane's Someone Wants to Know.

Stagecoach West

Wednesday 05:00 - 06:00

House of Violence. Western with Wayne Rogers & Robert Bray, who run a stagecoach line in the Old West where they come across a wide variety of killers, robbers and ladies in distress. [S]

Burke's Law

Wednesday 06:00 - 07:00

1963. Who Killed Julian Buck? Directed by Don Weis. Stars Gene Barry, Gary Conway & Regis Toomey. One of America's most respected authors, is found strangled to death in his study.

Hindle Wakes

Wednesday 07:00 - 08:45

1952. Drama starring Leslie Dwyer and Lisa Daniely. Successful remake of one of the earliest British talkies. Set in the Hindle, two mill workers take off to Blackpool for the 'Wakes' holiday. [S]

Marked Men

Wednesday 08:45 - 10:00

1940. Crime. Director: Sam Newfield. Stars Warren Hull, Isabel Jewell & Paul Bryar. A young medical-school graduate escapes prison and finds a small haven in Arizona until gangsters show up. [S]


Wednesday 10:00 - 10:35

1980. Stars Margaretta Scott, Sarah Greene, John Burgess, Kathleen Byron, Richard Everett. The Dunns have found a flat in Cramwell Crescent... is it meant to be?

The Other Love

Wednesday 10:35 - 12:25

1947. Romantic drama. Seriously ill concert pianist Karen (Barbara Stanwyck) is admitted to a Swiss sanatorium, where she is attracted to the suave Doctor Stanton (David Niven). [S]

BFI: Terminus

Wednesday 12:25 - 13:00

1961. Drama. Directed by John Schlesinger. Iconic short of a day in the life of a London Railway Station. [S]

It's Great to be Young

Wednesday 13:00 - 14:50

1956. Musical. John Mills stars as a well-loved teacher in this gentle musical comedy portraying life in the 1950s British classroom and the school jazz band. [S]

What's On TPTV With Noel

Wednesday 14:50 - 15:00

Founder of Talking Pictures TV and one half of the Footage Detectives, Noel Cronin, shares shows and films not be missed in the first half of December. [S]

Saddle Up!

Wednesday 15:00 - 15:05

Howdy Folks! Join James Stephens with more from the Wild West. We start with one of Hollywood's greatest stars, Barbara Stanwyck, in the lead role of Samuel Fuller's 1957 masterpiece - Forty Guns. [S]

Forty Guns

Wednesday 15:05 - 16:45

1957. Western. Director: Samuel Fuller. Stars Barbara Stanwyck, Barry Sullivan & Dean Jagger. An ex-gunslinger and his brothers find themselves up against a gang led by a beautiful wealthy woman. [S]

Saddle Up!

Wednesday 16:45 - 16:50

We continue with another adventure with Dan Durant as Johnny Ringo. James Stephens introduces the second episode in the series where he comes face to face with a rival sharpshooter. [S]

Johnny Ringo

Wednesday 16:50 - 17:20

Cully. A carnival whose primary attraction is sharpshooter Kid Adonis arrives in town. Healey wants to make the big-time by adding to Adonis' reputation as the man who killed Johnny Ringo. [S]

Glimpses: Call of the West

Wednesday 17:20 - 17:30

1947. Musical. Western style musical revue show featuring the vocal talents of Spade Cooley, Tex Williams and The King Sisters.

The Westerner

Wednesday 17:30 - 18:00

Hand on the Gun. 1962. Director: Sam Peckinpah. Stars: Brian Keith, Spike & Hank Gobble. An inexperienced Easterner, wants to learn the ways of the West. Dave agrees to teach Cal wrangling. [S]

For the Love of Ada

Wednesday 18:00 - 18:35

The Admirer. Stars: Wilfred Pickles, Irene Handl & Jack. A gentleman admirer starts flirting with Ada and she is flattered but what does Walter think to all this. (S4, E04) [S]

Bulldog Drummond in Africa

Wednesday 18:35 - 19:45

1938. Mystery. Directed by Louis King. Stars John Howard, Heather Angel & H.B. Warner. After Colonel Nielsen is kidnapped, Drummond, his girlfriend and butler go on the hunt to find him. [S]

Look At Life Calling The Tune

Wednesday 19:45 - 20:00

1960. A general look at music, the increasing popularity of classical music and the lack of composers.

Public Eye

Wednesday 20:00 - 21:05

Mrs. Podmore's Cat. 1972. Detective & Mystery Drama. Stars Alfred Burke, Jean Kent & Ray Smith. Marker is hired to babysit Mrs Podmore's pet cat, Bertie, but things have a way of turning awkward.

Spring and Port Wine

Wednesday 21:05 - 23:05

1970. Drama. Director: Peter Hammond. Stars James Mason, Diana Coupland, Hannah Gordon. A stern father and lenient mother try to deal with the ups and downs of their four children's lives. [S]

Not Tonight Darling

Wednesday 23:05 - 00:50

1971. Drama. Directed by Anthony Sloman. Stars Luan Peters, Vincent Ball & Jason Twelvetrees. Karen is tired of her solicitor spouse and her empty, suburban lifestyle and wants something more. [S]

Thu Dec 07
Vengeance Is Mine

Thursday 00:50 - 02:00

1949. Drama. Director: Alan Cullimore. Stars Valentine Dyall, Anne Firth, Richard Goolden & Sam Kydd. A dying man hires an assassin to kill so he can frame his death on an enemy. [S]

The Main Chance

Thursday 02:00 - 03:00

A Time to Live, A Time to Die. 1970. Director: Christopher Hudson. Starring: John Stride & Margaret Ashcroft. David reacts when he hears what is planned for his children. A custody battle begins.

Afraid Of The Dark

Thursday 03:00 - 04:45

1991. Horror Drama. Directed by Mark Peploe. Stars James Fox, Fanny Ardant & Paul McGann. A young boy becomes obsessed with blindness and violence after witnessing a serial killer at work. [S]

Inner Sanctum

Thursday 04:45 - 06:00

1948. Thriller. Director: Lew Landers. Stars Charles Russell, Mary Beth Hughes & Dale Belding. A man fleeing the police after having committed a murder hides in a boarding house in a small town. [S]

The Larkins

Thursday 06:00 - 06:40

Café Ole. 1963. Stars David Kossoff, Hugh Paddick & John Bluthal. Now the kids have gone, Ada and Alf are running a café, their lodger suggests they run a Spanish night, but will it be a success? [S]

Penny Serenade

Thursday 06:40 - 09:00

1941. Drama. Director: George Stevens. Stars Irene Dunne, Cary Grant, Beulah Bondi & Edgar Buchanan. A couple's big dreams give way to a life full of unexpected sadness and unexpected joy. [S]

Law Of The Plainsman

Thursday 09:00 - 09:30

1960. Blood Trails. Stars Michael Ansara, Chris Alcaide & Nora Marlowe. Sam must capture a killer on the run, later discovering that he was a childhood friend. [S]

She Knows Y'Know

Thursday 09:30 - 11:00

1962. Comedy. Director: Montgomery Tully. Stars Hylda Baker, Cyril Smith, Joan Sanderson & Alfred Burke. A young girl's sudden pregnancy unfolds dramas between two families. [S]

Angel Who Pawned Her Harp

Thursday 11:00 - 12:30

1954. Drama starring Felix Aylmer, Diane Cilento and Jerry Desmond. A beautiful angel is sent to The Angel, London, to help people with problems, but she has no money to support herself. [S]

King of The Khyber Rifles

Thursday 12:30 - 14:30

1953. Adventure. Directed by Henry King. Stars Tyrone Power, Terry Moore & Michael Rennie. A British officer in 19th century India faces prejudice from all sides while trying to quell a rebellion. [S]

Crown Court

Thursday 14:30 - 15:00

Wise Child - Part 2. 1973. Stars Carleton Hobbs, Helen Cherry & Nigel Havers. Lady Crittenden is cross examined after a new revelation and Bernard Crittenden attempts to prove a forgery was made. [S]

Melvyn's Talking Pictures

Thursday 15:00 - 15:10

Melvyn Hayes invites you on another nostalgic trip back to the 1930s. There's plenty of glamour in today's film, the 1939 comedy drama Eternally Yours starring the fabulous Loretta Young. [S]

Eternally Yours

Thursday 15:10 - 16:55

1939. Romantic Drama. Directed by Tay Garnett. Stars Loretta Young, David Niven & Hugh Herbert. A young woman leaves her fiancé for a magician but soon finds that her life is less than magical. [S]

Melvyn's Talking Pictures

Thursday 16:55 - 17:05

After an afternoon of fun with great stars, Melvyn Hayes gets ready to return to the archive to find another batch of hand-picked lost and rare gems from that great decade, the 1930s. [S]

The Glass Mountain

Thursday 17:05 - 19:00

1949. Drama. Classic tale of a war romance featuring the smash hit music of The Legend of The Glass Mountain. Stars Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray & Valentina Cortese, with vocals from Tito Gobbi. [S]

R.J. Mitchell Aircraft Designer

Thursday 19:00 - 20:00

1998. Documentary. The story of The Spitfire; from its inception to its triumphs in battle, and how the conviction of its designer R.J. Mitchell prevented it from becoming the plane nobody wanted. [S]

Danger UXB

Thursday 20:00 - 21:00

Just Like a Woman. 1979. Stars Anthony Andrews, Steven Grives & Alfie Bass. Ash and Machin are brought to London from a bomb disposal course and attend to a dangerous bomb.

Rumpole of the Bailey

Thursday 21:00 - 22:05

Rumpole and the Age of Miracles. Stars: Leo McKern, Marion Mathie, Peter Blythe. Rumpole defends Hilda's nephew, a canon who has accused of adultery in an ecclesiastical court.

Hannibal Brooks

Thursday 22:05 - 00:10

1969. War. Directed by Michael Winner. Stars Oliver Reed, John Alderton & Wolfgang Preiss. A POW working at a zoo gets the chance to escape and takes the elephant he's been caring for with him. [S]

Fri Dec 08
Never Take Candy From A Stranger

Friday 00:10 - 01:50

1961. Horror. Directed by Cyril Frankel. Stars Gwen Watford, Patrick Allen & Felix Aylmer. A new family in a Canadian town discover their daughter has been a victim of a sexual predator. [S]

Bash and Grab

Friday 01:50 - 02:00

1965. Director: Barry Rutherford. Narration by: Valentine Dyall. Stars: Michael Goldie & Tony Taylor. Excellent 60s Public Information film on the crooks and how crime doesn't pay. [S]

The Main Chance

Friday 02:00 - 03:00

It could happen to you. 1970. Director: Marc Miller. Starring: John Stride, John Wentworth & Philip Bond. David is confronted with a case of involving a shopkeeper who has been attacked by thugs.


Friday 03:00 - 04:50

1951. Horror. Directed by Arch Oboler. Stars Susan Douglas Rubes, William Phipps & James Anderson. The five survivors of a nuclear holocaust come together and struggle to build new lives. [S]

Flight From Vienna

Friday 04:50 - 06:00

1956. Drama. Director: Denis Kavanagh. Stars John Bentley, Theodore Bikel & Donald Gray. When a Hungarian official asks for asylum in the west, he is forced to go back home to prove his sincerity. [S]

Bob's Your Uncle

Friday 06:00 - 07:30

1942. Comedy. Directed by Oswald Mitchell. Stars Albert Modley, Wally Patch, H.F.Maltby & Johnnie Schofield. British Comedy that follows the adventures of enthusiastic members of the Home Guard. [S]

Prisoner of Shark Island

Friday 07:30 - 09:20

1936. Drama. Director: John Ford. Stars Warner Baxter, Gloria Stuart & Claude Gillingwater. The story of Dr. Samuel Mudd, who was imprisoned after unknowingly treating Abraham Lincoln's assassin. [S]

Mark of The Phoenix

Friday 09:20 - 10:35

1957. Crime drama directed by Maclean Rogers and starring Anton Diffring. Crooks steal a secret metal formula and plan to smuggle it into East Germany. [S]

Slave Girls

Friday 10:35 - 12:20

1967. Adventure. Director: Michael Carreras. Stars Martine Beswick, Edina Ronay & Michael Latimer. A hunter stumbles into a lost Amazon civilisation where blondes have been enslaved by brunettes. [S]

Sudden Fear

Friday 12:20 - 14:30

1952. Drama. Director: David Miller. Stars Joan Crawford, Jack Palance, Gloria Grahame & Bruce Bennett. After an actor marries a rich playwright, he plots with his mistress how to get rid of her. [S]

Crown Court

Friday 14:30 - 15:00

Wise Child - Part 3. 1973. Stars Derek Griffiths, Earl Cameron & Norman Shelley. Help from an official is called in an attempt to solve the birth certificate issue. Who will be proven as the liar? [S]

In Suspicious Circumstances

Friday 15:00 - 16:05

To Encourage The Others - Have A Drink On Me. 1994. Stars Geoffrey Beevers & James Duggan. The tragic story of a young soldier during WWI and the tale of two lucky pals who made a lifesaving move. [S]

Look At Life Crossing...

Friday 16:05 - 16:15

... The Channel. 1962. A look at why people from all over the world attempt to swim the English Channel.

Train of Events

Friday 16:15 - 18:00

1949. Drama. Directed by Sidney Cole, Charles Crichton and Basil Dearden. Starring Jack Warner, Susan Shaw and Gladys Henson. A train disaster is told as four short stories. [S]

Worzel Gummidge

Friday 18:00 - 18:30

A Home Fit for Scarecrows. 1979. Stars Jon Pertwee, Charlotte Coleman & Norman Bird. When furniture goes missing from the farmhouse and village, the children suspect Worzel could be the culprit. [S]


Friday 18:30 - 19:10

1969. Comedy. Directed by Eric Sykes. Stars Harry Secombe, Eric Sykes, Jimmy Edwards, Kenneth Connor & Hattie Jacques. Every trick of gamesmanship or blatant cheating occurs in a round of golf.


Friday 19:10 - 21:00

1975. Action. Director: Casper Wrede. Stars Sean Connery, Ian Mcshane, John Quentin. The chief of Scandinavian national security is tasked to rescue the passengers of a high-jacked British plane. [S]

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Friday 21:00 - 21:05

Caroline Munro invites you back into The Cellar Club, where she introduces The Stepfather. Terry O'Quinn stars as a loving family man who isn't really as he appears to be in this 1987 horror. [S]

The Stepfather

Friday 21:05 - 22:50

1987. Horror. Directed by Joseph Ruben. Stars Terry O'Quinn, Jill Schoelen & Shelley Hack. After murdering his entire family, a man remarries a widow and prepares to do it all over again. [S]

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Friday 22:50 - 22:55

For all you Cellar Dwellers, Caroline Munro brings you the 1988 horror Cellar Dweller! Not quite as inviting as this cellar, this terrifying film stars Hollywood legend Yvonne De Carlo. [S]

Cellar Dweller

Friday 22:55 - 00:30

1988. Horror. Director: John Carl Buechler. Stars Yvonne De Carlo, Debrah Farentino & Brian Robbins. A comic book artist is doomed to repeat history when her imagination awakens deadly creatures. [S]

Sat Dec 09
Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Saturday 00:30 - 00:35

Caroline Munro ends an excellent yet horrifying night with a look at the films for next week, where we expect to continue the horror but with a peculiar twist. [S]

Legend of the Lone Ranger

Saturday 00:35 - 02:30

1981. Western. Director: William A. Fraker. Stars Klinton Spilsbury, Michael Horse & Christopher Lloyd. After a deadly ambush, the sole surviving Texas Ranger returns to fight back as The Lone Ranger.


Saturday 02:30 - 04:50

1963. Drama. Stars Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn & Walter Matthau. Romance and suspense in Paris as a woman is pursued for her murdered husband's stolen fortune. [S]

Look At Life Glorious Mud

Saturday 04:50 - 05:00

1960. An entertaining look at the role mud plays in all of our lives.

Saints & Sinners

Saturday 05:00 - 06:00

1965. Source Of Information. Human stories uncovered by the reporters of the New York City 'Record' newspaper. (S1, E05)

Ghosts on the Loose

Saturday 06:00 - 07:20

1943. Comedy. Stars Bela Lugosi & Ava Gardner. The East Side Kids try to fix up a house for newlyweds, but find the place next door 'haunted' by mysterious men. [S]

The Strange World Of Planet X

Saturday 07:20 - 08:50

1958. Sci-fi. A British laboratory studying magnetic fields is warned by a cosmic visitor of the dangers in their experiments. Starring Forrest Tucker and Martin Benson. [S]

What's On TPTV With Noel

Saturday 08:50 - 09:00

Founder of Talking Pictures TV and one half of the Footage Detectives, Noel Cronin, shares shows and films not be missed in the first half of December. [S]

Larry the Lamb

Saturday 09:00 - 09:15

1971. Tea for Two. There is confusion when the mayor turns up for afternoon tea, after Larry was given the job of delivering the RSVP. [S]

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Saturday 09:15 - 09:45

The Borrowed Baby. 1957. Stars Richard Greene, Bernadette O'Farrell & Sylvia Kay. The Sheriff plots to arrest Maid Marian for assisting Robin and the outlaws, using a stolen baby as bait. [S]

Now For Nookie

Saturday 09:45 - 10:15

1980. Guest stars Vince Hill. Children's TV comedy series from the Southern Television vaults stars ventriloquist Roger De Courcey and his talking 'partner' Nookie Bear! [S]

Daylight Robbery

Saturday 10:15 - 11:25

1964. Family. Directed by Michael Truman. Stars Trudy Moors, Janet Hannington & Kirk Martin. 3 children accidently become locked in a store - along with robbers planning to rob the bank next door. [S]

Felix Follows Swallows

Saturday 11:25 - 11:30

1925. Animated. Directed by Otto Messmer. Winter in his hometown is too cold for Felix, so Felix decides to build some wings and fly south.

The Buccaneers

Saturday 11:30 - 12:00

Spy Aboard. 1957. Stars Robert Shaw, Richard Johnson & Danny Green. Tempest is robbed by the ruthless pirate Peg Leg and comes to the realisation that there is a spy aboard the Sultana. [S]

Atomic Rulers

Saturday 12:00 - 13:40

1965. Sci-fi. Directed by Koreyoshi Akasaka, Teruo Ishii & Akira Mitsuwa. Stars Ken Utsui & Sachihiro Ohsawa. Starman is sent to Earth after learning of a devastating plot to destroy the planet. [S]

That's An Order

Saturday 13:40 - 14:00

1954. Family. Directed by John Irwin. Stars Peter Butterworth. Short comedy film about an inefficient grocer's boy and his passion for eating. [S]

The Outer Limits

Saturday 14:00 - 15:00

The Duplicate Man. 1964. Stars Ron Randell, Constance Towers & Mike Lane. A scientist smuggles a dangerous creature to Earth, but it escapes. Afraid, he creates a clone of himself to hunt it down. [S]

Fireball XL-5

Saturday 15:00 - 15:35

Wings of Danger. 1963. Stars Paul Maxwell, John Bluthal & David Graham. To avenge the capture of their chief on Planet 46, the Plutonians send a robot bird to kill Steve with radium capsules.

Village of the Giants

Saturday 15:35 - 17:15

1965. Fantasy. Directed by Bert I. Gordon. Stars Tommy Kirk, Johnny Crawford & Beau Bridges. A group of teens grow into giants after eating a boy genius's invention and decide to terrorise a town. [S]

Treasure Island

Saturday 17:15 - 19:05

1972. Adventure. Directors: John Hough, Andrea Bianchi & Antonio Margheriti. Stars Orson Welles, Lionel Stander & Kim Burfield. Young Jim Hawkins has a map to a pirate's buried treasure. [S]

The London Nobody Knows

Saturday 19:05 - 20:00

1967. Documentary. Directed by Norman Cohen. Stars James Mason. In the spirit of adventure and discovery, this offbeat and exciting film exposes the surprising and intriguing London of the 60s. [S]


Saturday 20:00 - 21:00

The Crooked Castle. 1962. Stars Rupert Davies, Ewen Solon & Victor Lucas. Maigret descends upon a small town north of Paris after a diamond dealer is found murdered in the garage of a house. [S]

The Gold Robbers

Saturday 21:00 - 22:05

An Oddly Honest Man. 1969. Stars Peter Vaughan, Ian Hendry & Wanda Ventham. The pilot who flew the plane, appears to be prepared to spill the beans. But can Cradock really trust the man? [S]

Full Moon in Blue Water

Saturday 22:05 - 00:00

1988. Drama. Directed by Peter Masterson. Stars Gene Hackman, Teri Garr & Burgess Meredith. A lonely widower with a failing bar encounters a bus driver who is determined to turn it all around. [S]

Sun Dec 10
The Criminal

Sunday 00:00 - 02:00

1960. Drama. Director: Joseph Losey. Stars Stanley Baker, Sam Wanamaker, Patrick Magee & Margit Saad. A racetrack robber escapes from prison & tries to get his hands on the loot from the job. [S]

Plague of the Zombies

Sunday 02:00 - 03:45

1966. Horror. Directed by John Gilling. Stars André Morell, Diane Clare & Brook Williams. A medical professor arrives in a remote Cornish village to study a strange plague affecting the villagers. [S]

Hills Of Donegal

Sunday 03:45 - 05:25

1947. Drama. Stars Irene Handle, John Bentley, Dinah Sheridan, James Etherington, Moore Marriott. Eileen is the star of an Irish operatic society but gives up to marry Terry O'Keefe. [S]

Sherlock Holmes

Sunday 05:25 - 06:00

The Case of the Texas Cowgirl. 1954. Starring: Ronald Howard, Howard Marion-Crawford & Archie Duncan. A cowgirl asks Sherlock Holmes to help when she finds a dead man in her hotel room. [S]

Peg Of Old Drury

Sunday 06:00 - 07:30

1935. Drama. Director: Herbert Willcox. A minor British classic. When actress Peg (Anna Neagle) is jilted by Michael (Jack Hawkins) Peg becomes a famous Drury Lane actress. Stars Cedric Hardwicke. [S]

Scarlet Street

Sunday 07:30 - 09:35

1945. Drama. Director: Fritz Lang. Stars Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett & Dan Duryea. A banker in a dying marriage falls for a thug's girlfriend. They find a way to cash in on his infatuation. [S]

One Step Beyond

Sunday 09:35 - 10:10

The Bride Possessed. 1959. Stars Virginia Leith, Skip Homeier & Harry Townes. Matt Conroy is startled when on their honeymoon his wife Sally suddenly is a determined woman, who denies knowing him. [S]

The Stranger

Sunday 10:10 - 12:05

1946. Drama nominated for an Oscar. Directed by Orson Welles. A war crimes investigator is on the trail of an infamous Nazi. Stars Orson Welles, Edward G. Robinson & Loretta Young. [S]

The Violent Men

Sunday 12:05 - 14:00

1955. Western. Directed by Rudolph Maté. Stars Glenn Ford, Barbara Stanwyck & Edward G. Robinson. An ex-Civil War officer planning to sell his ranch becomes involved in a violent land dispute. [S]

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Sunday 14:00 - 14:30

The Dowry. 1957. Stars Richard Greene, Jeanette Hutchinson & David Cameron. A wealthy London merchant and his daughter arrive in Sherwood. Robin and his men decide to relieve them of their gold. [S]

The Larkins

Sunday 14:30 - 15:10

Dizzy Rich. 1964. Stars Barbara Mitchell, Arnold Diamond & Willie Payne. A man in a bowler hat comes looking for Hetty, but why? Meanwhile, Alf gets into trouble with his investment suggestions. [S]

Look At Life Return To Arms

Sunday 15:10 - 15:30

1960. A visit to Germany to find out what kind of army the country is raising today, with a focus on the mountain troops and how they train.

Boy Who Caught a Crook

Sunday 15:30 - 17:00

1961. Family. Directed by Edward L. Cahn. Stars Wanda Hendrix, Don Beddoe & Roger Mobley. A young newsboy becomes the target of a bank robber after he finds a suitcase full of money. [S]

The Footage Detectives

Sunday 17:00 - 18:00

It's our 100th episode! We have access to the private archives of Peter Byrne with special footage, scripts and letters. One man spots his parents in an unknown reel, and is that Eric Morecambe? [S]

Tell Me Another

Sunday 18:00 - 18:30

General Stories 2. 1976. Personal anecdotes as told to Dick Hills. This episode stars Billy Dainty, Clive Dunn, Liza Goddard, Yootha Joyce, Bernard Manning, Jack Parnell & Mike Reid. [S]

Look At Life Keeping Fit

Sunday 18:30 - 18:40

1962. A light-hearted look at how people keep themselves fit.

Bailout at 43,000

Sunday 18:40 - 20:20

1957. Drama. Director: Francis D. Lyon. Stars John Payne, Karen Steele and Paul Kelly. The story of the men who volunteered to be test subjects for the new ejection system for a new bomber plane. [S]

A Lifetime Ago with The...

Sunday 20:20 - 20:25

... Baim Collection. Richard Jeffs, the Curator of The Baim Collection, talks us through the history & legacy of the collection and how Harold Baim became the Quota Quickie king.


Sunday 20:25 - 21:00

1959. The story of the ship R.F.A. Tidereach on its journey from England to Norfolk Virginia, Boston and New York, featuring deliveries, the hardworking crew and great streets scenes of New York.


Sunday 21:00 - 22:05

Open House. 1970. Stars Peter Barkworth, Alfred Lynch & Cyd Hayman. Vincent, Jimmy and Nina seek refuge in a 'safe' house. But how long can they stay before the Germans start to catch up? [S]

Sex (Re) Education

Sunday 22:05 - 22:35

Stars: Feodor Atkine, Sylwvie Granotier & Irene Jacob. Isabelle is traumatised when she catches her father and Rose in the act... [S]

The Diamond Wizard

Sunday 22:35 - 00:15

1954. Crime. Director: Montgomery Tully. Stars Dennis O'Keefe, Philip Friend & Alan Wheatley. A U.S. agent teams up with a Scotland Yard inspector to find thieves who are creating fake diamonds. [S]